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11/24/14 AAR/SBL Panel on “Eastern Christian Spirituality: Perspectives on Ecology, Nature, the Body, and States of the Soul” editor David Michelson will present a paper on 11/24/14 at the American Academy of Religion meeting in San Diego, California. The title of the paper is “The Syriac Gazetteer ( A New Reference Work for the Geographic Environment of Middle Eastern Christianity”. For those following the talk live, here is a list of the…

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NEH Humanities Magazine Article on

The official magazine of the National Endowment for the Humanities has a short article on The Syriac Gazetteer in its “Curio” section. The author, Steve Moyer, notes: “These days, most speakers of Syriac come from Syria and Iraq, two countries which are wracked by civil war and from which many Syriac speakers are fleeing. An NEH-funded…

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9/16/14 National States Geographic Information Council Annual Meeting

In September, Anthony Davis, a Ph.D. student at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, and a research assistant, introduced to state Geographic Information Officers from around the country in his presentation, “Geographic Texts: Using Machine Reading to Markup Geographic References in Texts” at the National States Geographic Information Council 2014 Annual Conference in…

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Biblical Archeology Society Comments on Digital Gazetteers

Sarah Bond of the University of Iowa has written an interesting round up for the Biblical Archeological Society on digital gazetteer projects for the ancient world including The Syriac Gazetteer. Her article notes: “The utility of historical geography in uncovering early Christian communities can also be seen in a number of projects currently on the web….

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