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Awards and Honors

List of Awards and Honors (Prof. Ndukaife):

2023 Best and Brightest: Office of Naval Research (ONR) 2024 Young Investigator Award

2023 NIH R35 Maximizing Investigators’ Award (MIRA) for Outstanding Investigators at NIGMS

2023 Optica Kaminow Outstanding Early Career Professional Prize

2023 SPIE Senior Membership

2023 IEEE Senior Membership

2023 Optica Senior Membership

2023 Named Nanoscale Emerging Investigator in Nanotechnology and Nanoscience

2022 NSF CAREER Award

2022 Outstanding Reviewer Award for Nature’s Light Science and Applications

2022 Member of Vanderbilt University Faculty Research Awards Committee

2021 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research

(among five faculty members from all ranks selected across Vanderbilt University)

2020 Light Science and Applications Global Rising Stars of Light Award

(a global campaign for the most brilliant young scientists in optics-related field with submissions

from USA, Australia, China, Denmark, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, UK)

2020 Alumni Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Award

2019 Junior Faculty Teaching Fellowship Award

2019 Vanderbilt Provost Research Studios Award

2018 Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Award

2017 The year 2017 Prize in Physics by Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation in recognition of work on

“plasmon nano-optical tweezers” (awarded to the top graduating doctoral candidate at Purdue

University annually)

2016 Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award, College of Engineering, Purdue University

2016 Gordon Research Conference Emerging Topic Talk (Selected out of all participants) GRC on

Plasmonics and Nanophotonics, for talk on “Shaping the Future of Plasmon Nano-Optical


2016 Elected as Co-chair of 2018 Gordon Research Seminar on Plasmonics and Nanophotonics

2015 Golden Torch Award by National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE): Named “Graduate

Student of the Year”

2015 Best Paper Award at the ASME Society-Wide Micro and Nanotechnology Forum

2016 NSBE Graduate Student Professional Conference Scholarship

2015 NSBE Graduate Student Professional Conference Scholarship

2015 Inducted into the Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana

2015 Participated at the summer school on Complex Photonics at the international school of Physics

Enrico Fermi in Varenna, Italy

2012 NSBE Board of Corporate Affiliates Scholarship

2011 Member of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society

2005-2009 University of Lagos Endowment Scholarship for maintaining First Class GPA


List of Student Awards and Honors:

2023 Guodong Zhu: Best Paper Award at SPIE Optics and Photonics Conference

2023 Sen Yang: International Young Scientist Fellowship Award

2023 Moreen Habib: 2nd place prize for REHSS research symposium

2022 Sen Yang: Overall Best Paper Award in Interdisciplinary Materials Science Program at

Vanderbilt University

2021 Chuchuan Hong: Overall Best Paper Award in Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science and


2021 Chuchuan Hong: Overall Best Paper Award across Vanderbilt School of Engineering

2021 Chuchuan Hong: Inaugural C. F. Chen Best Paper Award in Electrical Engineering at Vanderbilt

2020 Sen Yang: 3rd place prize, VINSE Nanoday presentation for his poster on “particle-assisted

trapping in symmetry-breaking quasi-BIC system

2018 Rayni Jules: Second place poster award in the NSBE Technical Research Exhibition for his poster

on “frequency-based self-assembly on plasmonic gold metasurfaces