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Quarterly Awards


Boost student confidence and foster positive behavior by presenting awards to PASL students at the end of every quarter that have significantly improved or made an impact in some way.


Awarding students for their hard work and citizenship throughout a quarter shows students that teachers and administrators are watching what they do and appreciate them. Awards span any multitude of categories, such as academic improvement, citizenship, goal completion, and more. This tool is a simple but effective way to foster caring and cooperation, as well as provide the opportunity for students to take ownership in their own school behaviors.


  • Usually occurs at the end of every nine-week grading period
  • Can occur in individual PASL classrooms or school-wide PASL ceremony
  • Depending on overall implementation, any student in any grade level that participates in PASL should be eligible to receive an award



Protocol should be in place for the nomination of students, including criteria for nomination. Teachers can submit names to the school’s PASL coordinator or the educator team, who then make the final decision on which students should be rewarded that quarter. Parents should then be notified that their student is receiving an award.


Determine how your school will present these awards. This activity can take place in the PASL classroom, a PASL-specific assembly, or a school-wide presentation. If held in an assembly or school-wide presentation, consider offering parents the opportunity to be present during the award ceremony. Details about the school’s PASL program and the purpose of the awards, to celebrate student achievement, should be mentioned and highlighted during the presentation.


Make certificates for awarded student, that display their name, achievement, school logo, PASL logo, etc.

Connection to other components

Administrators and teachers should keep up with data in order to determine which students may be eligible for an academic improvement award. This tool fosters an intentional use of data, as well as collaboration among the educator team to identify, plan, and execute a successful implementation. Encouraging students during rapid check-ins about potential awards can be motivational as well as help set academic or personal goals.


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