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Team Song Learning Experiences

The title Team Song is a reference to the popular music that has been selected as text for this specific set of learning experiences. They are learning experiences instead of lessons because, when delivered with integrity, the facilitator will learn as much or maybe even more than recipients. Our goal is to share low-lift, high-impact resources that move theory into practice band require no extra preparation.

The experiences represent one example of school-based interventions in which administrators, guidance counselors, and teachers can user to intentionally and deliberately nurture the culture of personalization (Rutledge & Cannata, 2016; Rutledge, Cohen-Vogel, Osborne-Lampkin, & Roberts, 2015). Experiment with your unique delivery style and reference the strategies and sequence to write your own original experiences with new themes and text selections.


  • Modeling PASL components in an instruction context
  • Practice communicating expectations during routines and strategies
  • Humanize an instructional sense of urgency
  • Situating leaders as learners as a method of building positive relationships and nurturing culture 


  • 15-minute chunks over time; or
  • Single, 90 minute session


This activity was created by Norman Merrifield of 808 Education. Team song learning experiences are a product of Broward County strengths, engagement, and collaborative innovation during Summer Institute 2019.

Connection with Other Components

This experience is closely associated with Educator Teams, as it can be used not only with students but also with faculty.


Each Powerpoint comes with bulleted notes that can be used as the facilitator guide.

Click here for Google Drive with Powerpoints.