Teacher Pensions

Teacher Pension Systems, Composition of the Teaching Workforce, and Teacher Quality
C. Koedel and M. Podgursky
February 2012

Fixing Teacher Pensions
R. Costrell, M. Podgursky, and C. Weller
Fall 2011

Reforming K-12 Educator Pensions: A Labor Market Perspective
R. Costrell and M. Podgursky
February 2011

Teacher Pension Incentives and the Timing of Retirement
S. Ni and M. Podgursky

Rethinking Teacher Retirement Benefit Systems
R. Costrell and M. Podgursky
Fall 2010

Teacher Retirement Systems: Research Findings
J. Hansen, M. Podgursky, and R. Costrell
July 2009

The Link Between Pensions and Retirement Timing: Lessons from California Teachers
K. Brown
February 2009

Retiree Health Plans for Public School Teachers After GASB 43 and 45
R. Clark
February 2009

Determinants of the Generosity of Pension Plans for Public School Teachers, 1982-2006
R. Clark and L. Craig
February 2009

Teacher Pension Incentives, Retirement Behavior, and Potential for Reform in Arkansas
R. Costrell and J. McGee
February 2009

Distribution of Benefits in Teacher Retirement Systems and Their Implications for Mobility
R. Costrell and M. Podgursky
February 2009

Scrambling the Nest Egg: How Well Do Teachers Understand Their Pensions and What Do They Think about Alternative Pension Structures?
M. DeArmond and D. Goldhaber
February 2009

Labor Market Effects of Pensions and Implications for Teachers
L. Friedberg and S. Turner
February 2009

An Introduction to Teacher Retirement Benefits
J. Hansen
February 2009

“But the Pension Fund was Just Sitting There …” — The Politics of Teacher Retirement Plans
F. Hess and J. Squire
February 2009

Teacher Retirement Ponzi Schemes
L. Kotlikoff
February 2009

Legal Limitations of Public Pension Plan Reform
A. Monahan
February 2009

Teacher Pension Incentives and Labor Market Behavior: Evidence from Missouri Administrative Teacher Data
S. Ni, M. Podgursky, and M. Ehlert
February 2009

Teacher Pension Preferences: Pilot Study Results
E.E. Smith and J.W. Guthrie
February 2009

Patterns of Retirement and Return Employment of Pennsylvania’s Professional School Personnel, 1984-2006
R. Strauss and J. Liu
February 2009

Early Career Teachers’ Perceptions of Traditional Versus Innovative Benefits Packages
D. Tran and E. Huang
February 2009

Efficiency and Equity in the Time Pattern of Teacher Pension Benefits: An Analysis of Four State Systems
R. Costrell and M. Podgursky
March 2007


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