7When do the labs start?

The labs start the first full week of class. There are no labs the week of fall break.

Where are the labs?

Stevenson Center is a warren of connected buildings originally constructed by Daedelus. Navigating it can be confusing. All of the physics labs are held in the Southern wing of the complex (Building 6). The PHYS 1601L, and 1602L labs are located on the ground floor (aka third floor, rooms 6313, 6317, 6321, 6325). The PHYS 1912L and 2255L labs are held in the first floor dungeon (room 6105). (Rest assured that no minotaurs have been seen for many years. Graduate students may be spotted, but they are usually harmless.)

I’m on the wait list and really need to take this class! What do I do?!!!

There is a good chance you will get in. Many students are on multiple wait lists, so the wait lists are not really as long as they look. You can be on multiple wait lists as well. Get on the wait lists of each of those sections that fit your schedule. Select the Drop-If-Enrolled option. Contact the registrar about this.
If you still cannot get in a lab, . . . . (see the next question)


Do I have to take the lab and the class together?

While we strongly encourage students to take the lab and class together, sometimes schedules cannot be reconciled to this ideal. It is not required for PHYS 1601 and 1601L be taken alongside the corresponding class. You may take the lab during the following semester.


What do I need to bring to the lab?

  • A Vanderbilt physics lab book (available at the bookstore)
  • A notebook or extra paper
  • scientific calculator (A graphics calculator may be useful, but not necessary.)
  • A pen, pencil, and a large eraser