Help Desk and Tutoring

Physics Help Desk

The Department of Physics and Astronomy has a drop-in help desk available for students enrolled in any of the introductory physics classes. The help desk is physically located in room 6322 of the Stevenson CenterĀ (Stevenson Map) and is staffed by physics students.

Tutoring provided by the College of Arts & Science

CAS Tutoring Services provides tutoring free of charge on a limited basis.

Private Tutoring

The Director of Undergraduate Studies for Physics and Astronomy keeps a list of persons who are available as private tutors whom we believe have the appropriate background to tutor in physics. These tutors are not sponsored by nor employed as tutors by the Department of Physics and Astronomy and have no official affiliation with the University in their capacity as tutors. Private tutors set their own rates and students must contact these tutors and set up their own schedule for tutoring. All costs of private tutors are the responsibility of the student.


Undergraduate students

Graduate students

Rustam Gatamov:

Mike Reynolds: