You’ve reached the homepage of the Nanomaterials and Energy Devices Laboratory at Vanderbilt University, led by Professor Cary Pint.  We represent a group of engineers with diverse backgrounds aimed to solve multidisciplinary problems at the forefront of innovation in energy systems.

Our goal is to combine creativity, vision, and ambition into research outcomes that have impact on technology in areas related to energy science.  We use the research lab as a living classroom, with over 25 undergraduate and high school students working with us on high impact research projects in the past 3 years.   Graduate students foster leadership skills and are immersed in an environment that is designed to straddle the space between the energy solutions of tomorrow, and materials that can be produced in the laboratory environment today.

We are inspired by the principle that the bottleneck for broad technology markets in the next few decades will ultimately be isolated to the availability of systems that can power next-generation technologies.  We are passionate about exploring unconventional materials or systems in the context of this vision.  We believe that innovation is catalyzed by collaboration, and we strive to foster interactions with other researchers to stimulate productivity and impact of our work.

Some Snippets of our Advances:

A snippet of our research efforts on Youtube focused on integrated energy storage systems:   Click here for Youtube Video


Researchers@junkyardA Steel-Brass Junkyard Battery
featuring work by Nitin Muralidharan and Andrew Westover who built upon inspiration from the ancient Baghdad battery and produced ultrafast batteries competitive in energy density to lead-acid batteries, using junkyard metals repurposed with chemicals that can be found in the household.  Published in ACS Energy Letters.


Turning Carbon Dioxide into Batteries!
featuring a collaboration between our group and Prof. Stuart Licht’s group at GWU. Pint lab co-authors include Anna Douglas and Rachel Carter. (March, 2016)
Published in ACS Central Science – open access here.

Fool’s gold could mean faster charging batteries!
featuring work by Anna Douglas (formerly Anna Sandberg) and coauthors Rachel Carter, Landon Oakes, Keith Share, and Adam Cohn – all from the Pint group.  (November, 2015)

Published in ACS Nano – open access here.