You’ve reached the homepage of the Nanomaterials and Energy Devices Laboratory at Vanderbilt University, led by Professor Cary Pint.  Our primary passion is focused in the creative design of energy storage platforms that be integrated into technology and/or replace fossil fuels.  Central to everything we do is the development of new materials that are engineered at nanometer length scales, and developed using scalable and cost-effective approaches.   This has far-reaching applications spanning aerospace systems, robotics, smart buildings, flexible electronics, and more.

Check it out! A snippet of our research efforts on Youtube focused on integrated energy storage systems:

Click here for Youtube Video

The Pint group is looking to hire at least one new graduate student to start in Fall 2016.  All interested students can apply through the mechanical engineering program at Vanderbilt.  We also remain open to aggressively engaging the best and brightest undergraduate students with our cutting-edge research efforts.  Please contact Prof. Pint to find out more information about this.


Fool’s gold could mean faster charging batteries!
featuring work by Anna Douglas (formerly Anna Sandberg) and coauthors Rachel Carter, Landon Oakes, Keith Share, and Adam Cohn – all from the Pint group.

Published in ACS Nano – open access here.



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