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Pint Lab Research in International News:

– Sugar Helps Make New Sodium Sulphur battery – IOP, 2/13/2017.    

Association of American Universities Website – Hosted in page of “Research to Secure our Energy Future” among most innovative ideas in energy related systems. January, 2017.

Episode 5: World Building – NPR news feature of our work on popular program “Codebreaker” – NPR News Marketplace, 12/15/2016

How scientists turned junkyard scrap metal into a battery. – Forbes, 11/7/2016.

Junkyard metal turned into a DIY super battery. – Discovery News Seeker, 11/4/2016.

Making high performance batteries from junkyard scrap. – Vanderbilt News, 11/2/2016.

How carbon dioxide from the air can boost batteries. – MIT Technology Review, 3/7/2016.

How to make electric vehicles that actually reduce carbon. – Vanderbilt News, 3/2/2016.

Battery draining problem resolved!  Charge your Smartphone in 30 seconds Flat – FitandHit News Portal, 11/13/2015

Fool’s gold could mean faster charging batteries, PC World, 11/12/2015

Cary Pint is named as top 20 under 40 young talent in engineering, by American Society of Engineering Education, Vanderbilt News Release, 9/23/2014

Batteries Begone, ASME News, 9/2014

Structural Supercapacitors could make Batteries and Power Cords Obselete, Gizmag, 5/27/2014

Structural Supercapacitors Take a Load On, Physics World Magazine, 5/28/2014

Breakthrough Could Allow us to Build with Batteries, Pacific Standard, 5/20/2014

Liberating Devices from their Power Cords, Vanderbilt News, 5/19/2014

– Our work on silicon supercapacitors was chosen as one of the top 10 news stories at Vanderbilt University in 2013 – one of only two stories in the top 10 from the engineering program.  The full list is shown here.

Graphene Coated Porous Silicon Opens Path to Integrated Energy Storage, MRS 360, 11/15/2013

First Silicon Power Cell Could Trash Batteries Discovery News, 10/25/2013

Battery Boost from Coated Silicon BBC News, 10/24/2013

New Device Stores Electricity on Silicon Chips, Vanderbilt News, 10/22/2013