2023 Maymester in Geneva, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Florence and Rome

45DF1C69-8277-4B55-B07C-15F03454E817_1_102_oEUS 2260 – Migration, International Health, and Social Justice: Geneva, Amsterdam, Cophenhagen, Florence and Rome

INSTRUCTOR:  Professor Robert Barsky

Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMO19e_eO8 

In this Maymester, Professor Robert Barsky will invite students to study international law, migration, international trade, public health, medicine and human rights. We will have meetings with top officials from all of the major UN and NGO offices located in Amsterdam, Geneva, Copenhagen, Florence and Rome. 

In Geneva, the students will be introduced to the international legal and non-governmental organizations that uphold international laws, notably the Red Cross, the World Health Organization, the International Organization for Migration, the United Nations, UNICEF, the International Labor Organization, the World Trade Organization, Doctors Without Borders, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Office of Coordination for Humanitarian Assistance, and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Students will meet with high-ranking officials from those organizations, and witness firsthand the kinds of work that is directed from the Geneva offices.

We will then travel to Amsterdam and The Hague, which hosts many UN and NGO offices that are of interest for this course (https://www.government.nl/topics/international-organisations/multilateral-forums). Students will also be invited to meet with professors at the VU Amsterdam’s migration and Ethnicity unit. From Amsterdam we fly to Copenhagen, to work with researchers in human rights and refugee law. From Copenhagen we travel back to Amsterdam to pursue our work there. We then fly to Florence, for meetings with the International Organization for Migration, and UNICEF, IRC and the Innocenti Research Centre of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund We will complete our work in Rome by returning to refugee and migration studies, and we’ll be introduced to the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center, the International Organization for Migration Rome office, the Migration, Asylum and Social Integration Center, IFAD, WFP, IDLO and other migration organizations in the country that is at the flashpoint of the current crises.

ELIGIBILITY: NO PREREQUISITES. The program is open to all students in good academic standing, and with consent of instructor

FEES: Fees include tuition, accommodation, breakfast, some suppers and lunches, a European train pass, public transportation in each city, tickets for a wide array of cultural activities and HTH health insurance.  It does not include regular meals, incidental expenses, and airfare (home-Geneva; Rome-home).

ITINERARY: The instructor will develop a common itinerary for students in this course. Students are responsible for their own airfare to and from Europe (home-Geneva; Rome-home).


Course Material will be related to international work such as:

https://www.iom.in t

Additional reading cases and the normative texts are available at: www.refugeelawreader.org as well ashttp://library.law.yale.edu/research-guides-10. Further cases and information are to be found at www.refugeecaselaw.org; http://www.columbia.edu/itc/hs/pubhealth/modules/forcedMigration/definitions.html

Jim Silk (Yale): https://www.openglobalrights.org/what-do-we-really-talk-about-when-we-talk-about-human-rights

Itinerary (many more details to follow):

Zoom days: May 8 and 9 (from wherever you wish).

May 10 Departure from your home to Geneva                                                              

Thursday May 11  Hotel Cornavin meet in the lobby of the hotel. There is no fixed time for arrival in Geneva, because students are arriving on different flights, but someone will be there to greet them when they arrive. If their rooms are ready, they can unpack and prepare for the day, otherwise the hotel will keep their baggage while students begin to explore Geneva

5:30PM Tour of Geneva with Sigi Muller sigi.muller@geneve-escapade.ch: “Nous sommes un groupe de guides qui guidons toutes sur les thématiques suivantes : Vieille Ville, Genève Internationale, Henry Dunant et la Croix Rouge ainsi que L’Escalade”.

7:30PM Fondu supper  7:30PM, Cave Valaisanne, central Geneva

Friday May 12

tram 15: 10AM Prof. Nicolas Levrat, Directeur du Global studies Institute, Université de GenèveNicolas.Levrat@unige.ch


Ms Noria Metzlef, from the International Relations’ office will present some elements about the interactions between Universities and International Organisations. Dre Alessia Biava, who gives the class on “International Geneva” will also participate to the meeting. She will not make a formal presentation but will be available for a Q&A session. I also think the Q&A is the most interesting part. So I shall limit my speech on QUASIO for about 20 minutes. And if some want to go further on the topic, we’ll do it from their questions.

We shall meet at 10:15 at the Room A300 – (Auditoire J. CH. de Marignac) in the Building Sciences II (30, Quai Ernest Ansermet). This is the best room I’ve found (too big… but that’ll do). In case my mobile phone is: +41.79.633.06.83

bus 11, 19, 5, 8, 20. 2:30 Geneva: WIPO, Lise McLeod, Head WIPO Knowledge Center. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is the global forum for intellectual property (IP) services, policy, information and cooperation. We are a self-funding agency of the United Nations, with 193 member states. Our mission is to lead the development of a balanced and effective international IP system that enables innovation and creativity for the benefit of all. Our mandate, governing bodies and procedures are set out in the WIPO Convention, which established WIPO in 1967.

bus 19, D or 2: 6:00 PM, Julien Zanetta, Bains des Pâquis (https://www.bains-des-paquis.ch/en) “Depuis septembre 2019, j’ai été engagé en qualité de chargé de cours à l’Université Saint-Louis,Bruxelles pour donner un enseignement d’histoire de la littérature française et d’analyse de textes. Parallèlement, je suis chargé de cours invité à l’Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), où j’enseigne pour trois ans un séminaire de Master en littérature française et un autre de littérature comparée. En 2021, j’ai été invité par l’université d’Avignon à donner le module de Master « Littérature et arts ». Je fais partie de l’équipe dirigée par André Guyaux et Andrea Schellino qui se charge d’éditer les Œuvres complètes de Charles Baudelaire dans la « Bibliothèque de la Pléiade ».

7PM, meeting with China Alexis Irwin, Bains des Pâquis (https://www.bains-des-paquis.ch/en). “I graduated from Vandy in 2007 (French and English double major) and then went to law school at Virginia. I’ve been in Geneva for more than a decade now. I’m at the law firm Lalive, working in commercial and investor-state arbitration – I am happy to chat with kids about that field, if of interest.”

Saturday May 13         Bus Geneva-Chamonix-Geneva

La Petite aiguille lift to the summit

Group meal (lunch)

A7F5251D-EA98-4CDE-ADEB-619F9419A98A_1_102_o23884F49-DA72-4B49-88C9-5486152B868F_1_102_o[Guido supper]

Sunday May 14, 4pM 


Monday May 15        

Geneva 10AM: World Health Organization (all day) The Thirteenth General Programme of Work (GPW 13) defines WHO’s strategy for the five-year period, 2019-2023. It focuses on triple billion targets to achieve measurable impacts on people’s health at the country level. The triple billion targets are to ensure by 2023: One billion more people are benefiting from universal health coverage; One billion more people are better protected from health emergencies; One billion more people are enjoying better health and well-being; Measurable impact is at the heart of WHO’s mission to transform the future of public health. See how progress is calculated towards achieving GPW 13.

  • 09.00                     Arrival WHO reception
  • 09.30 – 10.30     Introduction – Dorine
  • 10.45 – 11.45     Human rights and inclusion – Hortense Nesseler and Petra MatsiB50A8F5B-D89A-409D-878F-84EF3F18BD98_1_102_o
  • 11.45 – 13.15     Lunch and visit to the bookshop
  • 13.15 – 14.00     Universal Health Coverage – Kira Koch
  • 14.15 – 15.00     Climate Change and Health – Marina Maiero

5:00-6:30 Geneva, meeting with Kristina Touzenis, at the “Barge” (https://goo.gl/maps/xfjrPddCMtFcxrfz9), on the little island on the Rhone.

FAAE151D-0A43-446E-8CC7-19D36BFB830A_1_102_oAdvocateand leader on promoting effective implementation of international standards, including but not limited to the branch of Human Rights, with experience in multilateral negotiations, support to field operations worldwide and work directly with stakeholders from governments to NGOs to a variety of other CSOs, including private sector actors. Deep understanding of the complexities of addressing sustainability from a variety of perspectives, including basing activities in the international framework to promote rights and further inclusion and participation of a plethora of stakeholders and affected societies.
Dynamic results oriented person with proven and recognized experience in effecting real impact and change, both with international organizations and private sector. Experience in advocacy, policy making and strategy development/implementation based on international standards, making international norms tangible and pragmatic in both advocacy and strategy development as well as in operations and programmatic actions. Vast experience on working across sectors in multicultural settings, and promoting respect for international law in a systematic and cross-cutting manner, including through policy work, capacity building, monitoring and programmatic support to field in both development and humanitarian settings. Highly skilled communicator and advocate used to addressing and working with a variety of stakeholders and partners. Recognized for the ability to communicate international law in concrete, applicable terms, including in relation to the SDGs, which help understanding of pragmatic implementation.

[Kristina supper: 8PM, Restaurant Pugliese]

  • Tuesday May 16

Geneva 10AM: Passports required: International Organization for Migration (all day) Established in 1951, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the leading intergovernmental organization in the field of migration and is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society. IOM is part of the United Nations system, as a related organization. IOM supports migrants across the world, developing effective responses to the shifting dynamics of migration and, as such, is a key source of advice on migration policy and practice. The organization works in emergency situations, developing the resilience of all people on the move, and particularly those in situations of vulnerability, as well as building capacity within governments to manage all forms and impacts of mobility.   

3PM Guido Ambroso.


Mr. Ambroso was appointed UNHCR Country Representative in Azerbaijan in July 2018. He has worked in the humanitarian field for over 30 years, almost exclusively with UNHCR in different capacities by holding senior positions in Uganda, Iran, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan (from 1995 to 1997), Somalia, Belgium, Tanzania and UNHCR HQs Geneva. Mr. Ambroso was brought up in Milan and is a citizen of Italy. He holds a B.A. in Anthropology and Geography and a Ph.D. in Geography, both obtained from University College London, University of London.

Wednesday May 17       

11am United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, in the Wilson Palace!95E85FA3-7EFC-4C57-83C0-F63C0D543605_1_102_o


2:30PM World Trade Organization: Máire NÍ MHAIDÍN KIIAMOV

Centre William Rappard    Rue de Lausanne 154    Case postale    CH – 1211 Genève. Téléphone:  (+41 22) 739 51 11    Fax:  (+41 22) 731 42 06; Communications Coordinator, Information and External Relations Division Tel: +41 22 739 50 19  Email: maire.nimhaidin@wto.org;  Website: www.wto.org. The presentation is at 2.30 pm, but everyone must be here by 2.15 pm at the latest for the security procedure.  Passports or national ID cards will be required at the Control and Identification Office – student cards or driving licences will not be accepted. Long pants required.

Thursday May 18   Train travel:

Genève – Paris Gare de Lyon – Paris Gare du Nord – Amsterdam 8:29-16:40

EAF764C6-8DA7-4624-8E1A-C373BD61FE05_1_102_oNH COLLECTION BARBIZON PALACE, Prins Hendrikkade, 59-72, 1012 AD Amsterdam The Netherlands

Reservations +1 212 219 7607 Tel.: +31 20 556 4564



Train to the Hague123976DA-B62B-48F0-996F-A794ECB02EB1_1_102_o41870352-9219-45A1-9F23-DC5A39E18CBC_1_102_o

tram to International Criminal Court (tram 9 Den Haag, Station Hollands Spoor to Den Haag, Madurodam)

  • 10:00    Arrival at the main entrance (Oude Waalsdorperweg 10); Registration and security check, followed by: Welcome
  • 10:45     Presentation on the Court and its current developments followed by Question and Answer
  • 11:30     Attending a hearing

Group meal

2PM Peace Palace Guided Tour, International Court of Justice

B50B0611-72E8-4EA4-8F05-951242A36946_1_102_o3PM Rachael Marie Perrotta, International Court of Justice: We could receive your group for a presentation on the activities of the Court on 25 May 2023 at 10m. The visit does include a Peace Palace guided tour, as they are not taking place at the moment.

Return to Amsterdam

A88B7AC1-ED0A-45A0-8598-DCAD9E56732B_1_102_o8PM Performance of “Fifty-One/Forty-Nine” by Emma Evelien & Remy Tilburg, Theater Bellevue Amsterdam

Image result for "Fifty-One/Forty-Nine" by Emma Evelien & Remy Tilburg,


CBE0B995-4A9C-49C4-8AED-311AD7B910E8_1_102_o5:30PM Train to the Hague

7:30PM Het Nationale Ballet + ISH Dance Collective: “Dorian”, The foyer opens 60 min. in advance Danstheater, Foyer 1 — Entrance A Balcony — Row 8, Seat 4 € 10,00 – 4th Rank – R. Barsky Ordernumber 4168867 Ticketnumber 21336151

Train to Amsterdam


3:30PM “Raw are the Roots”, Stichting Internationaal Theater, Amsterdam

Internationaal Theater Amsterdam


Monday May 22 Flight Amsterdam-Copenhagen KLM 07:20 – 08:40 KL1125

78BAFEAD-0225-4AD4-B35F-2BACF528272A_1_102_oArthur Hotel A NØRRE SØGADE 11, DK-1370  1920DKK

Meeting with James Hathaway, University of Michigan Law. James C. Hathaway is the James E. and Sarah A. Degan Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School. He works in the field of public international law, with a focus on international human rights law, international queer rights, and international refugee law. Prior to his retirement from the teaching faculty in 2022, Professor Hathaway served as the founding director of the Program in Refugee and Asylum Law at the University of Michigan from 1998 to 2022.

 Entanglements in Refugee and Migration Law 

E16DCB90-22AE-49CB-B383-E4F5995FCAA1_1_102_oD05B1955-F6A0-4A34-85AF-0081F419AEB2_1_102_o30CD6A83-FEC7-4EA2-803B-E0D78129BFFE_1_102_oCelebrating forty years of the Nordic Asylum Law Seminar 

The Nordic Institute for Migration & Center of Excellence on Global Mobility Law (MOBILE), Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen 

Karen Blixens Plads 16, 2300 København 


2D1D2726-2B02-48EC-AB87-D72677D473E9_1_102_oPre-Conference PhD Workshop (22 May, 2023) 



12:00– 16:30 

(including lunch) 

PhD Workshop 

 Matija Kontac, EU Biometric Migration Law: Effects of Biometric Algorithms on Migrants’ Fundamental Rights 

 Ana Kršinić, The Impact of AI Based Evidence on Procedural Rights of Asylum Seekers in EU Asylum Law 

 Asta Sofie Stage Jarlner, Title TBC 

 Keyvan Dorostkar, Title TBC 

 Serde Atalay, Putting Down Roots: The Right to Adequate Housing of Migrants and Refugees in the Housing Market 

 Andrea Jiménez Laurence, The legal infrastructure of mobility in the South American region 

 Emiliya Bratanova, Legal Pathways in Europe: from Access to Territory to Refugee Integration 

Day 1: Nordic Approaches to Refugee and Migration Law: Quo Vadis? (23 May, 2023) 

Time 9:00– 9:15 


Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen – Professor and Director, MOBILE Centre of Excellence on Global Mobility Law, University of Copenhagen 

09:15– 10:15 

Keynote: ‘Who is Recognised as a Refugee? Insights from Diverse Disciplines into the Multiverse of Definitions and Practices’ Cathryn Costello, Professor of Fundamental Rights, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin; Professor of Refugee and Migration Law, Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford. 

10:15– 10:45 


Refreshments provided 

10:45– 12:15 

Parallel Panels: Session 1 

1.A. Nordic Trajectories in International Refugee Law 

 Robert Barsky, Guggenheim Fellow and Professor, Vanderbilt University, ‘Nordic Countries Participation in the Negotiation of the 1967 Refugee Protocol treaty: Refugee Law in the Height of the Cold War’ 

 Anna Høgenhaug, PhD Researcher, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law, ‘A Nordic Approach to International Refugee Law?’ 

 Sarah Scott Ford, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law, ‘Human rights in Nordic asylum appeals: The tension between consistency and judicial independence’ 

1.B. Temporary Protection in the Nordics (I) 

 Vladislava Stoyanova, Associate Professor, Lund University, Sweden, ‘Temporariness of Refugee Protection: For What and in Whose Interest? Cessation of Status as Related to Revocation of Residence Permits’ 

 Jens Vedsted-Hansen, Professor, Aarhus University Faculty of Law, ‘Novelties in Danish asylum law confronting EU standards?’ 

 Patricia Mindus & Rebecca Thorburn Stern, Associate Professor and Professor, Uppsala University Sweden, ‘Abstract Stability of Status in Sweden. Exploring Time in Asylum and Citizenship Law’ 

1.C. Transnational Asylum: Towards a Principled Framework? 

 Nikolas Feith Tan, Senior Researcher, Danish Institute of Human Rights, ‘Transnational Asylum: Towards a Principled Framework? 

 James C Hathaway, Degan Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School 

12:15 – 13:15 


Lunch provided 

13:15 – 14:45 

Parallel Panels: Session 2 

2.A. Vulnerabilities in Asylum and Undocumented Migration 

 Kyli Hedrick, Postdoc, Uppsala University Faculty of Public Health and Caring Sciences, ‘An empirical evaluation of the frequency, type, and use of medical evidence in asylum decision-making processes: A view from Sweden (2006-2020)’. 

 Jacob Lind, Postdoc, Malmo University Department of Global Political Studies, ‘Child-right-ing: Realizing the paradoxical rights of undocumented migrant children’ 

 Karin Åberg, PhD Researcher, University of Gothenburg, ‘A Requirement of Shame: On the Evolution of Protection of LGB Refugees’ 

2.B. Refugee Integration, Participation and Trust (I) 

 Alexandra Segenstedt, Senior Policy Advisor, Swedish Red Cross, Magdalena Arias Cubas, Senior Research Officer, Red Cross Red Crescent Global Migration Lab, ‘To trust or not to trust, that is the question: Migrants’ perspectives on humanitarian action in Sweden and abroad.’ 

 Hanna Scott, PhD Researcher, Linköping University, ‘Violent entanglements: disentangling the protection of migrant crime victims at the intersection of welfare, migration and criminal law in Sweden’ 

 Zvezda Vankova, Researcher, Lund University Faculty of Law, Eva Ersbøll, Researcher, Danish Institute for Human Rights, ‘The Danish integration legal infrastructure: an interaction between refugee, migration, integration and citizenship law and external and internal factors?’ 

2.C. Temporary Protection in the Nordics (II) 

 Jens Elo Rytter, Professor, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law, ‘Moving target – is the Danish policy on revocation of residence permits reconcilable with Article 8 ECHR’ 

 Jessica Schultz, Chr. Michelsen Institute, Legal Researcher, ‘Temporary protection in Norwegian Asylum Law and Broader Trends in Temporary Protection 

 Bernd Parusel, Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies ‘Temporary protection in Sweden’ 

14:45 – 15:15 


Refreshments provided

15:15– 16:30 

Roundtable: Nordic asylum law between scholarship and practice Frode Forfang, Director General, Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) 

Carl Bexelius, Head of Legal Affairs, Swedish Migration Agency 

Stig Torp Henriksen, Head of Division, Danish Refugee Appeals Board 

18:30 – 21:00 

Conference dinner 

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law, Karen Blixens Plads 16 2300 København 

Day 2: Entanglements of Refugee and Migration Law in a Global Perspective (24 May, 2023) 

Time 9:15–10:15 

Keynote: ‘Promoting Human Rights in Legal Tech & Border Control’ Sean Rehaag, Director of the Centre for Refugee Studies and the Director of the Refugee Law Laboratory, Osgoode Law School, Canada 

10:15– 10:45 


Refreshments provided 

10:45 – 12:15 

Parallel Panels: Session 3 

3.A. Automated Decision Making in Migration Asylum Governance 

 Francesca Palmiotto, Postdoc, Hertie School of Governance Berlin, ‘Automated decision-making in Migration and Asylum Governance: Reconstructing the European Legal Framework’ 

 Matija Kontak, PhD researcher, University of Zagreb, ‘Algorithmic discrimination as a potential problem in EU migration’ 

 Ana Kršinić, PhD researcher, University of Zagreb, ‘AI Based Evidence in Asylum Procedures: A Blessing in Disguise or a Duty to Give Reasons’ 

3.B. Refugee Integration, Participation and Trust (II) 

 Silvia Adorno, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law, ‘Title TBC’ 

 Matteo Bottero, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law, ‘The Controversial EU Concept of Integration’ 

 Will Jones and Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, Associate Professor and Professor, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law, ‘Participation and Political Rights of Refugees’ 

3.C. Private Military and Security Companies in Migration Spaces 

 Sorcha MacLeod, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law – ‘The United Nations Working Group on Mercenaries’ 

 Daria Davitti, Associate Professor, Lund University Faculty of Law, ‘Private Military Security Companies and EU Migration Policy 

 Dr Ilia Siatitsa, Privacy International, Title TBC 

12:15 – 13:15 


Lunch provided 

13:15 – 14:45 

Parallel Panels: Session 4 

4.A. Empirically explaining Variation in Asylum Decision-making 

 Mitali Agrawal, Researcher, Hertie School of Governance Berlin, ‘UNHCR or States: Do Asylum Outcomes Differ Depending on Who is in-charge of Refugee Status Determination?’ 

 Dr William Hamilton Byrne, Dr Daniel Chen, Keyvan Dorostkar, Prof Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, Dr Daniel Ghezelbash, Prof Sean Rehaag, Simon Wallace, ‘Comparing Outcome Variation in Refugee Status Determination’ 

 Dr Karen McGregor Richmond, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law, ‘The Potentials for Explainable Legal Case-Based Reasoning (XL-CBR) in Asylum Adjudication Analysis and Prediction 

 Prof Martin Leroc, Dr Eiko Thielmann, Dr Natasha Zaun, London School of Economics and Hochschule Pforzheim, ‘Are Independent Courts the ‘Live Buoys’ of Migrant Rights when Anti-Immigrant Pressure is on the Rise? An Analysis of Asylum Recognition Rates in EU Member States’ 

4.B. Interactions between Refugee and Human Rights Law 

 Thomas Spijkerboer, Professor, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Title TBC 

 Abdoy Khadre Diop, Lecturer, Université Virtuelle du Sénégal, ‘The Protection of Migrants before the African Court on Human and People’s Rights’ 

 Sarah Scott Ford, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law, ‘The entanglement of refugee and human rights law: Evidence from the UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies’ 

4.C. Entanglements in Migration Law, EU Law and Law of the Sea 6 | P a g e 

 Sabine Mair, Assistant Professor, Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance, ‘Mutual Trust, Mutual Recognition, and Fundamental Human Rights: A Comparative Analysis of EU Asylum Law, EU Criminal Law, and Custodial Disputes’ 

 Andrea Jiménez Laurence, PhD Researcher, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law, ‘Entanglement at sea: the case of the duty to render assistance.’ 

 Dr Eleni Karageorgiou, Senior Researcher, Faculty of Law, Lund University, Dr Vladislava Stoyanova, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Lund University, ‘European law on asylum as a matter of domestic regulation and decision making: The case of Sweden’ 

14:45 – 15:30 

Conclusions and farewell coffee 

84BC613E-3768-40C2-9E06-DCF4708EFA99_1_102_oRefreshments provided 

Flight Copenhagen-Amsterdam KL 1134



8PM Performance of Roco Roca, Amsterdam. In ROCCO/ROCCA, the spectator takes his place around the boxing ring, where dancers become boxers. And boxers become dancers. They challenge each other with striking punches, fast footwork and virtuoso tactics. In close combat, relationships are challenged and men and women look for each other’s extremes.


Train to the Hague

B62B2A60-3722-46DD-A5A9-3779EDAC9E50_1_102_o10AM: Role play game about the decision-making process within the European Union at our premises in The Hague:
https://netherlands.representation.ec.europa.eu/role-play-eu-decision-making_nl. Anne-Marie EEKHOUT, Europees Parlement, Directoraat-Generaal Communicatie, Liaisonbureau van het Europees Parlement in Nederland, Korte Vijverberg, 6, NL-2513 AB Den Haag, Tel: +31/(0)70 313 54 16, anna.eekhout@ep.europa.eu, www.europeesparlement.nl, www.europarl.europa.eu


2PM: Helena Eggleston External Relations Office, United Nations – International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals Arusha: +255 27 256 5376; The Hague: +31 70 512 5691 Email: mict-press@un.org
ERO coordinator: Helena Eggleston (#5691)
·       Arrival at the IRMCT at Security Check (Outside Booth)
13:50 to 14:00
·       General presentation, Helena Eggleston, Press Officer
14:10 to 14:40 (Press briefing room)
·       Office of the Prosecutor Presentation, Lena Pelic, Legal Officer
14:40 to 15:25 (Press briefing room)
·       Peek in the courtroom public gallery
15:30- 15:50 (Courtroom 1 public gallery)

177BF550-FAA4-4076-8212-4227189A90A8_1_102_oC5C35C0D-5001-4BDE-A0E5-1FE03ACB3DD4_1_102_o99406D30-43FC-4E88-A408-636297EB772A_1_102_oC9497D83-2CA8-4C84-AD2B-914EE97C2A45_1_102_oTrain to Amsterdam

Amsterdam VU book launch

Friday 26 May from 1:00-4PM

Friday 26 may, 1-4 PM is still the time slot for your students being at the VU, right? My proposal for the gig are two presentations:

  • Luiza Gagliardi & Albena Labib: Can Subaltern Legalities Speak? Counter-Hegemonic perspectives on Migration Justice
  • Thomas19090E22-AFDF-4A91-B400-9822DC3FDC4B_1_102_o Spijkerboer: “These invasions of men who are often lawless and always penniless”. European international law and migration since 1848

Both would leave ample room for interaction with the audience. I will also invite our own students and staff. Does that sound right?

6 PM… https://acmrl.org/book-launch-border-deaths-at-sea-under-the-right-to-life-in-the-european-convention-on-human-rights/

Thomas Spijkerboer will present a book chapter on migration law in Europe since 1848 (& its colonial deep structure), followed by something on European externalisation policies as seen from the perspective of Niger, Tunisia, Serbia and Turkey, with master students too.

Thomas Spijkerboer (1963) is professor of Migration Law at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam since 2000. He has been Raoul Wallenberg Visiting Professor of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at Lund University (Sweden) (2017-2020) and International Franqui Professor at Ghent University (2020-2021). He is one of the lecturers in the master’s track on International Migration and Refugee Law of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In 2016, he was appointed as a member of the Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenchappen (Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities); in 2017 he was elected as a member of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Academie van Wetenschappen (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Siences

Saturday May 27  KLM flight Amsterdam (AMS) – Florence


Florence MGALLERY Cerretani Firenze RE

Sunday May 28 Florence MGALLERY Cerretani Firenze RE
570821B3-4801-47F7-9C04-1A680CBEBE7B_1_102_oEuropean Union Institute, Florence, with Luigi Achilli is currently research associate at the Migration Policy Centre at the European University Institute. He holds an M.A. and a Ph.D. in political anthropology from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). He taught at Cambridge, SOAS, and various universities in the Middle East and Europe. His research and writing focus on irregular migration and smuggling networks, refugee studies, political engagement and nationalism in the Middle East, and the Palestinian issue. Ethnographic in approach, his work is based on extensive field research in the in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean countries. His previous research on refugees and refugees camps in the Middle East has culminated with the publication of a monograph about the significance of the “ordinary” in the process of political self-fashioning in Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan – Palestinian Refugees and Identity: Nationalism, Politics and the Everyday (I.B. Tauris, 2015).

Group meal

Monday May 29 Florence MGALLERY Cerretani Firenze RE

9am: Florence International Organization for Migration (all day)

Tuesday May 30 Train Frecciarossa 11:33 Firenze Santa Maria Novella 13:05 Roma

Hotel Palladium Palace Via Gioberti, 36 Roma

6B3BB99F-174A-4FE5-AF18-D0C44FD6B6EC_1_102_o4CA82A93-E74A-4373-80F5-D93D6867CE9F_1_102_oWednesday May 31 Hotel Palladium Palace Via Gioberti, 36 Roma

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO: Alice Leone. Appia Antica Park (entrance on Vicolo di Sant’Urbano), the G20 Green Garden, including installations with 17 interactive Sustainable Development Goals cubes. Introduction to FAO, Sustainable Development Goals and their relationship with the work carried out by FAO.

Picnic lunch

2B59129E-D49D-4C56-BC3E-46C9054E4AD4_1_105_cIn-person visit at FAO headquarters in Rome tour through FAO’s iconic and representative rooms, with discussions of the mandate, history, and art collection of the Organization as well as the Sustainable Development Goals and much more.

2:30PM: Ambassador Donnelly, United States Embassy to the Holy See  — Tiera Kendle, Program Associate Public Diplomacy, United States Embassy to the Holy See, Office: +39.06.4674.3431; Email:   kendletl@state.gov

We are confirming the meeting with Ambassador Donnelly on May 31st, at 3:00 p.m.  Please arrive at Via Sallustiana 49, Rome.  We kindly ask that the group arrive at 2:30 p.m. to allow sufficient time to complete the security check-in process.  Everyone attending is required to bring a valid photo ID.  Also, please be aware that electronic devices are not permitted inside the Embassy.  Any electronic device that is brought to the Embassy will need to be left with security, which can lengthen the check-in process.

 Thursday June 1              Hotel Palladium Palace Via Gioberti, 36 Roma

10AM IFAD Alessio Ambrosino Office of the Associate Vice President External Relations and Governance Department (ERG) Via Paolo di Dono 44, 00142 Rome, Italy
Mob. +39 3491258173 www.ifad.org

C9EB8E25-8591-4552-80F0-2D05B21F055A_1_102_oFriday June 2              Hotel Palladium Palace Via Gioberti, 36 Roma

10AM: WFP Library & Research Centre

NOTE: We also ask to send us a copy of each participant’s ID (both sides, in a single PDF document).

  • The participants will have to arrive all together at the same time (we won’t be able to let people in at different times);
  • The group will have to remain together during the whole visit and will have to strictly attain to all the indications received by WFP staff;
  • A list of all the participants along with the scan of a valid ID/Passport for each of them is to be shared with us as soon as possible in order for WFP Security to prepare in advance the temporary passes needed to access the premises on the day of the visit. The visit is scheduled to start at 10 AM: the group is required to arrive 15/20 minutes earlier.
  • The professors are kindly requested to contact the visit’s Focal Persons(@Francesco IAIZZO and @Eleonora DIONISI) when the group is approaching the building and to wait for one of us to meet you in front of the entrance. N.B. Please avoid starting the Security procedures before meeting with us;
  • The visit will last around 60 minutes from the completion of the security procedures, which will be approximately distributed as follows:
  • 15/20 minutes: visit of WFP premises;
  • 15/20 minutes: presentation about WFP;
  • 15/20 minutes: Q&A session;
  • Time for taking photos in the nicest places will be provided too, preferably at the end of the visit, if requested.

Francesco Iaizzo, Knowledge Management Consultant, Library & Research Centre – Knowledge Management unit, Innovation and Knowledge Management Division (INK), United Nations World Food Programme, Rome, Italy

D806A468-9E2A-45F0-84B7-9D3D766EC393_1_102_aSaturday June 3  The course ends in Rome: students can leave anytime that day, but it’s the last day for which they have hotel accommodation through Vanderbilt. They can return home from Rome, or travel further afield.