About Dr. Shuqun Shi


Shi in Clock

I am a Research Associate Professor of the Department of Biological Sciences and the Institute of Data Science (affiliation) at Vanderbilt University. Together with Prof. Carl Johnson, a distinguished expert in the field of biological clocks, I am interested in Genetics, Genomics, Biomedical Informatics, and their application in biology and health.   In an excellent chronobiology community at Vanderbilt, I have also gained considerable training in both human physiology and computer science .

  • I am intrigued by how circadian rhythms are evolved at genetic and genomic levels and the convergent evolution of biological clocks in different organisms.
  • I am interested in basic research of circadian rhythms /sleep and their application in health and diseases (e.g. depression and monogenic disorders).
  • To understand the underlying mechanism of the generation of circadian clocks from evolutionary perspectives is key to develop effective therapeutics for circadian rhythm and sleep disorders, which are frequently seen in a variety of diseases. It will lead to better treatment in the future.
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