[SoTL Research Guide]

Vanderbilt University’s Center for Teaching and the Jean & Alexander Heard Library have created a SoTL Research Guide with the following links and resources:

  • Finding Books: links to Vanderbilt’s ACORN catalog and interlibrary loan sites
  • Finding Articles:  links to the major databases that index articles about teaching and learning, as well as surveys, measures, and questionnaires
  • SoTL Journals:  links to the top SoTL journals, as well as lists of SoTL journals by discipline
  • IRBs: explanations of the relationship between SoTL and institutional review boards, as well as links to Vanderbilt’s resources
  • More about SoTL: links to useful introductory readings about SoTL, as well as links to SoTL’s professional organizations,  the major conferences in North America, and a few SoTL programs (Vanderbilt and elsewhere)
  • Research Funding: Vanderbilt research guidelines and some databases to search for funding
The SoTL Research Guide is a collaborative project by Vanderbilt University’s Nancy Chick (Center for Teaching), Melinda Brown (Central Library), and Lee Ann Lannom (Peabody Library).