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The School for Science and Math at Vanderbilt (or SSMV for short) is a science program that brings educational opportunities to gifted high school students. Students travel to Vanderbilt’s campus once a week, and they are exposed to concepts and studies that go beyond the skills learned during their average school day. The students participate in many projects that challenge their learning process and allow the students to learn new information and problem solving techniques that will allow them to grow as students and as scientists. Recently, the students at the SSMV have embarked on an interesting project. This project brings the sea to Nashville in the form of a 90 gallon aquarium. This aquarium serves as an educational tool to teach about marine life, conservation, climate change, etc. Some examples of what we have learned so far are, the way the marine environment affects marine life, interactions between marine life, and the effect that humans are having on the marine ecosystem. This blog is meant to allow us students to practice our science communication skills, to reach out to anyone who is interested, and educate and inform the general public about aquariums and marine biology in general.
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