Adding Invertebrates

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On October 12, the SSMV students added invertebrates to the aquarium. These animals include: crabs, shrimp, mollusks, corals, and serpent stars . These invertebrates play an important role in our aquarium habitat and in learning about the marine ecosystem. For example, the mollusks are able to clean algae and other grime from the tank and off the rocks. Getting all of the invertebrates in the aquarium was a process and took a fair amount of time. First, we had to take the bags that the organisms were in and put the bag in the aquarium for a few minutes. Then, we opened the bag and poured water in to the right levels and again, waited for a few minutes. After that, we would empty out the bag’s contents into a container with the organism in it and a few people, by hand, would put the organisms in the tank.
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