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Module 1, Principle 4: Ask Strategic Questions

Effective principals use the interview process to ask strategic questions to gather data as to how well a teacher candidate fits with the goals set out in a candidate profile, as well as whether the candidate has the skills necessary for the position. Strategic questions get at the qualities of good teaching, asking about content knowledge and pedagogical skills.  Strategic questions also can help reveal whether a candidate shares the values and mission of the school where they are being hired. Effective principals are thoughtful about each of these qualities when developing interview questions for each teacher vacancy.

Quick Reads

Read the following article:

Rutherford Learning Group (2014). 12 Good Questions. Retrieved from:

Reflection Activity

Choose teachers for your hiring committee:

  • Based on the case study you completed for Principle 2, develop at least three questions that align with the goals you outlined in your candidate profile.  Why did you choose those questions?
  • Make notes on your reflections and save them for future reference. You will use these notes as you prepare your response to the summative activity for this module.

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