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Module 1: Strategic Hiring

In this module, participants will learn about strategic hiring processes and principles. After this module, participants will be able to describe the key principles of strategic hiring, analyze data to identify hiring needs, establish hiring goals, and develop a hiring protocol.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this module, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the key principles of strategic hiring
  • Analyze data on grade-level or subject area teacher effectiveness to identify hiring needs
  • Establish hiring goals for their school
  • Develop a hiring protocol for their school

Questions to think about during this module:

  • What information do principals normally use to make hiring decisions?
  • When and how might principals determine their hiring goals for a school year?
  • What strategic questions do effective principals use to hire effective teachers?

Video Introduction to Strategic Hiring

The Process and Principles of Strategic Hiring


  • Define hiring priorities: Take into consideration the needs of your school and what positions you need to hire
  • Post position and screen applications: Go through applications, winnow them down to a few candidates, and invite them to interview
  • Conduct interviews: Conduct (ideally) a few rounds of interviews to ensure candidates are a right fit with your school
  • Offer position and hire: Extend an offer to your ideal candidate


  • Start Early: Begin and complete the hiring process as early as possible
  • Set and Manage Goals: Establish clear goals for hiring and define what successful candidates will look like to meet those goals
  • Include Current Teachers: Include current teachers in the hiring process to gain insight and create buy-in
  • Ask Strategic, Targeted Questions: Use interview questions that align with the hiring criteria and TEAM domains
  • Observe Candidate Teaching: Observe candidates’ teaching and assess it using district observation tool

2a. Roadmap of Strategic Hiring

Instructions and Activities for Module 1:

We strongly recommend that you proceed with this module in the order listed below. Each step  contains readings and activities designed to build knowledge and skills that will prepare you for success with the summative activity included in the module.

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