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Module 2: Strategic Assignment

In this module, participants will learn about the strategic assignment of teachers to specific classrooms, grade levels and subject areas After this module, participants will be able to describe the key principles of strategic teacher assignment, identifying goals and priorities for deciding how to assign teachers to specific classes of students, and analyzing teacher evaluation data to ensure assignment aligns with school needs.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this module, participants will be able to:

  • Describe key principles of strategic teacher assignment
  • Identify and articulate teacher assignment goals and priorities for their school
  • Analyze teacher evaluation data to identify if there is:
    • An inequitable distribution of teachers to students, grades, and subjects
    • A concentration of novice teachers in particular types of classrooms, grade-levels or subject areas
    • Differential performance by grade-level or subject area team

Questions to think about during this module:

  • How are teachers assigned to grade-levels, subject areas, and/or students in your school?
  • What types of data do principals generally use when making teacher assignment decisions?
  • How do principals and leadership teams evaluate teacher assignment decisions?

Video Introduction to Strategic Assignment

The Process and Principles of Strategic Assignment


  1. Define assignment priorities: Take into consideration the needs of your school and what positions you need to hire
  2. Analyze available resources and review data: Consider multiple data points on teachers and students to better understand assignment in your school
  3. Align assignment with student needs and school context: Use data to best match effective teachers with students who need them the most


  1. Set Assignment Goals: Identify priority areas and create assignment goals.
  2. Ensure Equity: Use data to ensure there is not an uneven distribution of effective teachers throughout the school.

1b. Process and Principles v2

Instructions and Activities for Module 2:

We strongly recommend that you proceed with this module in the order the pages are listed below. Each page contains readings and activities design to build knowledge and skills that will prepare you for success with the summative activity.

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