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Module 1, Principle 3: Include Current Teachers

Effective principals know the unique knowledge and strengths that current teachers have when hiring new teachers and they leverage these insights to make more informed choices about whether a candidate will be a good fit for the specific vacancyCurrent teachers may have more detailed knowledge of the students and the curriculum as well as the demands of the workplace and the specific department where the new teacher will be hired. Thus teachers can participate in the hiring process.

Effective principals are mindful of which teachers they choose to be part of a hiring committee. Depending on the vacancy that needs to be filled, principals may choose teachers from the same department or grade level to serve on a hiring committee.  Principals also may choose to include teachers with longer term experience in the school tohelp to determine whether a candidate would be a good fit.

Quick Reads

Read the following article:

Clement, M.C. (2013). Teachers Hiring Teachers. Educational Leadership 71(2). Retrieved from:

Reflection Activity

Choose teachers for your hiring committee:

  • Based on the case study you completed for Principle 2, select at least two teachers from the school whom you would choose to serve on a hiring committee for a teacher vacancy. Why did you choose these teachers?
  • Make notes on your reflections and save them for future reference. You will use these notes as you prepare your response to the summative activity for this module.

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