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Module 3, Principle 4: Monitor and Assess

Effective principals keep track of teacher participation in professional development and other identified support activities. They also use formative assessment and teacher observation data to review and adjust (if needed) the teacher support activities throughout the school year. Effective principals also use teacher perception, evaluation, and student achievement and growth data to decide whether the teacher supports have contributed towards improvement in areas of need. They specify how the professional development will be evaluated to determine (1) whether the activity took place as planned, (2) teacher perceptions of the relevance and usefulness of the activity and (3) whether the activity achieved the intended outcome(s).

Quick Reads

Read the following article:

Guskey, T.R. (2002). “Does it make a difference: Evaluating Professional Development”; Educational Leadership, 59(6), 45-51

Additional Resources

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Reflection Activity

Open your saved document labeled Strategic Support and Professional Development Reflection that you began in Principle 1. Complete the fourth column.

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