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No matter what the world hands us we give back love

Posted by on Monday, April 4, 2022 in Dean Townes, News, spirituality.

A reflection from our dean, Emilie M. Townes, for April 2022:

So much troubling stuff has become a part of our everydayness.  From the Russian war against Ukraine to the troubling confirmation hearings of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to some of our denominations struggling to survive disagreements and divisions on a host of issues that can involve race, sexuality-gender-sexual orientation, ecclesiology, and sheer mulishness; we have much on our plates if we are caring folk who want to help build a world that truly respects and cherishes life…somehow.

As we turn into the home stretch of this academic year and beyond, I offer these words from the close of a sermon I preached last month on holding on and living life to its fullest and deepen our care for others and our world:

Let’s stand with the righteous who are standing with the least of these no matter what they say about whether you are married, divorced, single, straight, trans, gay, lesbian, intersex, or more.  No matter what they say about how well you dress and how well behaved your spouse, your partner, and children are.  No matter what they say about your voice being too high a pitch or too low a pitch.  No matter where you come from in life and where you hope to go in this life and beyond.  No matter what color you are or where your people come from. No matter how many times you are called too tender-hearted or too concerned about “those people.” No matter how many times politicians and public figures and other alleged Christians pick up the Bible to abuse it and then use it to ratify their personal wickedness.


no matter what the world hands us we give back love

we stand for goodness

we live our faith

we live with integrity

we live God’s grace large

we stand with the least of these

we build bridges of salvation, liberation, justice, joy, and deep spirit that can carry the depth and breadth of humanity over them.

We cannot do this work alone—we must do this work together and welcome others to join us in the struggle.  In every day of your living, lean on God’s somehow.

How?, you may ask…

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