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‘Catholic Studies’

Divinity students bring unique experience with grief rituals during an era of extraordinary death

Feb. 7, 2022—Meg Wade, a second-year MDiv student, brings her passion for helping those in mourning process their grief as a “grief doula,” while George Schmidt, a second-year PhD student in theological studies, brings his experience as an military chaplain that was present at hundreds of burial ceremonies to assist next of kin at the Arlington National Cemetery. Both highlight contrasts as well as similarities in the way society ritualizes grief.

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Ministering to a Yup’ik Eskimo Community at Eastertime

May. 10, 2015—by Bruce Morrill, Edward A. Mallory Chair of Catholic Studies Back in 2000, while making the annual eight-day silent retreat required of us Jesuits, I found myself moved to offer pastoral service, as my schedule might allow, to Yup’ik Eskimo villages along the Bering Seacoast of Southwest Alaska. I had been a Jesuit (lay) volunteer...

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