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My Chonga Manifesto

Mar. 18, 2015—by Priscila Dorcas Mojica, MDiv3 While at VDS I, like many of us, have been forced to think critically about myself within my context.  Amidst this I reclaimed this racialized slur that I had been called before but never really understood why I tried hard to distance myself that said identity, other than to appease others. ...

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Facing Race

Nov. 26, 2014—RACE “… runners take your mark; get set…” CaPow! Left.     Right.   Left, right, left, right, left… The FINISH LINE was in sight running… (right, left, right, left…) giving my all running… (right, left, right…) with all my might running… (left, right…) I KNEW I could win running… Right? But running the lane to...

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