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‘Jezreel Expedition’

VDS Feature: The Jezreel Experience

Nov. 13, 2013—by Rhonda Siggers, MDiv2 When I was a child, my grandmother traveled the world.  I remember vividly two trips she took.  The first was her trip to Hawaii from which my gift was a hula skirt that I attempted to wear to school as clothing.  The second was her trip to the Holy Lands which included...

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VDS Friday Photo: 11.8.13

Nov. 8, 2013—Six students from Vanderbilt’s Divinity School and Graduate Department of Religion participated this past summer in an archaeological excavation at Jezreel, Israel. The site famously connected in the Bible with the evil king Ahab and his scheming wife Jezebel, Jezreel has for years lain unattended by archaeologists despite its political and economic role in biblical...

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