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Niger Woodruff

N Woodruff

Facing Race

RACE “… runners take your mark; get set…” CaPow! Left.     Right.   Left, right, left, right, left… The FINISH LINE was in sight running… (right, left, right, left…) giving my all running… (right, left, right…) with all my might running… (left, right…) I KNEW I could win running… Right? But running the lane to…

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Niger Woodruff, Assistant Director, VDS Admissions, Vocation and Stewardship

Friday Photo 6.27.14

This week, we invited Creative Services to the Divinity School to photograph our Office of Admissions, Vocation and Stewardship, our amazing staff and some of our fantastic students. Daniel Dubois, Director of Photography Services, caputured beautiful photographs that we will use in upcoming marketing materials and on our various social media platforms. Todays photo shares our…

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