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‘Vanderbilt Divinity Library’

Exploring Faculty Scholarship: Seven Years of Interviews

Feb. 6, 2017—We invited Christopher Benda, a theological librarian at Vanderbilt Divinity Library, to reflect on seven years of his audio interview series “Authorial Intentions.” Chris first joined the Vanderbilt Library system in 1997 and joined the Divinity Library staff in 2007. He and his colleagues are invaluable resources supporting student and faculty scholarship and research. This...

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A Reflection on Seven Years in the Divinity Library Exhibit Programs

Oct. 19, 2016—By Charlotte Lew, Exhibit Preparator and Collections Assistant The renovation of the Divinity Library in 2006 set the stage for the exhibit programs. At the completion of the renovation, the addition of six exhibit cases spotlighted the library’s potential as a suitable location where art and theological education are integrated. The library has an envisioned...

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Authorial Intentions

Jan. 21, 2015—By Chris Benda, Theological Librarian Authorial Intentions, the Divinity and Graduate Department of Religion faculty interview podcast, turns 5 this year. Thanks to faculty participation, we have 25 podcasts archived. The podcasts give faculty an opportunity to talk about recent publications – typically, a book. This past November, however, Dave Michelson discussed the digital humanities...

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VDS Feature: ‘Tis the Season, . . . Hallelujah!

Dec. 24, 2014—Originally posted on December 25, 2013. I am sure I will awaken on this sacred day in awe of God’s glory in humanity through Christ.  As I contemplate my unfolding re-awakening through our Advent celebrations, my awe expands in my hopeful but inadequate spirit.  For many of us in Divinity School and in churches, Christmas...

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