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Our students come with a wide range of proficiency in French. We modify our program each semester to fit the needs of the students who enroll. If you want to know what courses will be offered during a particular semester, please contact the director of the program, Maité Monchal.

FREN 1101 and 1102 INTRODUCTION TO FRENCH IN THE WORLD (Fall, Spring, Summer). For beginners. Assuming no prior knowledge of French, this course moves quickly through two normal semesters worth of material, touching on all of the basic grammar points of the French language. (6 credits) syllabus

FREN 2203 INTERMEDIATE FRENCH LANGUAGE & CULTURE (Fall, Spring, Summer). Assumes one year (or one accelerated semester) of French. Reinforces and expands on the work done in first year French. (3 credits) syllabus

FREN 2891 CROSS CULTURAL COMMUNICATION Course taught in English designed to build intercultural competences in a multicultural France. Its objective is to facilitate the integration of students and develop their multicultural sensitivity, based on a cross-cultural analysis of values and assumptions underlying language, behavior and institutions in modern France. Through the study of methodological texts and personal research the students will be invited to move from ethnocentrism to ethnorelativism. (Fall, Spring) Maité MONCHAL. (3 credits) syllabus

FREN 2550w LES FRANÇAIS DANS LE MONDE Ce cours est destiné aux étudiants qui auront complété FREN 2203. Il mettra l’accent sur l’expression écrite dans les quatre contextes suivants: lecture, écriture, expression orale et écoute. L’objectif principal, sera le développement du vocabulaire et la maîtrise de structures synthaxiques plus sophistiquées. (Fall, Spring) Maryse SARLIN (3 credits) syllabus

FREN 2614 CONVERSATION AVANCÉE Ce cours vise à développer la pratique du français oral pour les différents savoir-faire ou pratiques communicatives. Anabelle MARTIN (Fall, Spring, Summer) (3 credits) syllabus

FREN 3180 LA PROVENCE L’histoire de la Provence est très riche et très ancienne. Elle a mis en place une culture régionale très complexe à la fois méditerranéenne et continentale, où Grecs, Romains et Gaulois se sont mêlés. Le cours aborde la présentation socioculturelle de la Provence en se référant à la longue durée historique, où la vie contemporaine mélange les activités actuelles et les acquis anciens. (Fall, Spring) Yves GERBAL (3 credits) syllabus

FREN 3188 FRENCH MEDIA AND GLOBAL CONFLICTS A travers l’apprentissage de la lecture de la presse française (quotidiens hebdomadaires) l’objectif de ce cours est d’analyser et de discuter les grandes questions débattues au sein de la société française, mais aussi d’appréhender les problèmes nationaux et internationaux. (Spring) Claude PELOPIDAS (3 credits) syllabus

FREN 4284 ART ET LITTERATURE XIX SIÈCLE Ce cours propose une étude de textes littéraires, de peintures et d’arts graphiques de la première moitié du XIX siècle. (Fall) Colette GAILLIEGUE (3 credits) syllabus

FREN 4285 ART ET LITTERATURE XX SIÈCLE Ce cours est une étude des textes, œuvres d’art et arts graphiques de la fin du XIX siècle au XX siècle. Colette GAILLIEGUE (Spring) (3 credits) syllabus

FREN 3880 Internship research – this course is partnered with 3881. All internships involve a research and writing component in addition to work at the placement site.  (Fall, Spring, Summer) syllabus

FREN 3881 Internship training – see 3880. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

MHS3890 POLITIQUE DE SANTE EN FRANCE ET ORGANISATION DU SYSTEME DE SANTE EN FRANCE ET EN EUROPE This course aims at providing a solid knowledge of the organization of public health systems in France and Europe. Taking the French system as a basis, this course will explore what determines health priority settings, the relationship involved in policy making and how systems are shaped by differences in cultural assumptions about health. Evelyne BERSIER (3 credits) syllabus


FRENCH AND ENGLISH COURSES AT THE INSTITUT D’ETUDES POLITIQUES d’Aix Students have the opportunity to enroll in courses given in French and in English at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Aix. The following courses have been approved for the program and are taught regularly. These courses can and do vary, however, so be prepared for some flexibility:

Fall American Political Society; Fighting Economic Crime in the EU; France in a Global Context; Geopolitics of the Indian Subcontinent; Globalization and Democratic Governance I; Globalization and Human Rights; History of International Relations I;  International Relations and Humanitarian Crisis; Politics of the European Union; Religion and International Relations; Violence and Politics; Wine, Economics and Society

Spring American Engagement and International Relations; Comparative politics; Contemporary China; Contemporary History of the Mediterranean System; European Business Law and Strategies of the Firm; External Relations of the European Union; Fighting economic crime; Financial Globalization and Financial Crisis; Gender and Politics; Geopolitics and Naval Powers; History of International Relations II; Law and Religion

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Your Unique Experience

Vanderbilt in France is small enough to offer you the chance to tailor your study abroad experience to your needs. You can take classes in French or English and with pre-approval classes can fulfill requirements in most majors. Work in the community and meet French students-- whatever your goals, we'll help you make your semester or year abroad unforgettable!