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Chuchuan Hong wins VINSE’s 2021 Best Graduate Student Publication Award

Posted by on Tuesday, November 23, 2021 in News.

ChuchuanCongratulations to Chuchuan Hong recipient of the 2021 VINSE Best Graduate Student Publication award. In addition to a cash prize, Chuchuan was selected to give the graduate student presentation at the 21st annual Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Forum.

Chuchuan’s recent paper on optical nanotweezers demonstrated a novel approach called opto-thermo- electrohydrodynamic tweezers (OTET) for optical trapping of nanoscale objects with light without exposing them to destructive levels of light and heat. This article was published in Nature Nanotechnology, which publishes articles of the highest quality and significance in the broad domain of nanoscience and nanotechnology. This work was also featured by several media outlets including Nature Research Highlights, international newspapers like The Independent, UK, Futurism, Physics World, and many others. This has brought many great recognitions to the school of Engineering and to Vanderbilt. The paper was also accepted at the first round of review in Nature Nanotechnology, which the Chief Editor informed me was the second time he has accepted a paper in the first round of review since 2006.

Stand-off trapping and manipulation of sub-10 nm objects and biomolecules using opto-thermo-electrohydrodynamic tweezers” Chuchuan Hong, Sen Yang and Justus Ndukaife

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