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‘Chuchuan Hong’

Dissertation Defense: Chuchuan Hong, Electrical Engineering

Feb. 24, 2023—DISSERTATION DEFENSE Chuchuan Hong, Electrical Engineering *under the direction of Justus Ndukaife “Nanoscale optical trapping and sensing: from plasmons to Mie resonances” 03.08.23  |  10:00am  |  349A Featheringill Hall Optical tweezers use tightly focused laser beam to manipulate microscopic objects. However, the conventional optical tweezers are restricted by the diffraction limit of light, and face...

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Chuchuan Hong wins VINSE’s 2021 Best Graduate Student Publication Award

Nov. 23, 2021—Congratulations to Chuchuan Hong recipient of the 2021 VINSE Best Graduate Student Publication award. In addition to a cash prize, Chuchuan was selected to give the graduate student presentation at the 21st annual Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Forum. Chuchuan’s recent paper on optical nanotweezers demonstrated a novel approach called opto-thermo- electrohydrodynamic tweezers (OTET) for optical trapping...

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VINSE recognizes faculty accomplishments in annual fall faculty celebration

Sep. 15, 2021—Join in welcoming new members of our community, recognizing the accomplishments of our community, and celebrating faculty promotions. WELCOME Michael J. Valenti & Christina L. McGahan FACULTY PROMOTIONS We celebrate the recent promotions of the following faculty: Endowed Chairs Craig L. Duvall – named Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair Joshua D. Caldwell – named Flowers Family Chancellor...

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Spotlight Podcast Episode 24: Chuchuan Hong – trapping and manipulating nanoscale objects

Oct. 13, 2020—Episode 24 of the VINSE Spotlight Podcast Chuchuan Hong tells Alice Leach about trapping and manipulating nanoscale objects. Chuchuan’s paper “Stand-off trapping and manipulation of sub-10 nm objects and biomolecules using opto-thermo-electrohydrodynamic tweezers” was published in Nature Nanotechnology. Chuchuan is a 3rd student Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering working under the direction of Justus Ndukaife....

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Tiny tweezer developed at Vanderbilt can trap molecules on a nanoscale, creating powerful research capabilities into cancer metastasis, neurodegenerative diseases

Sep. 1, 2020—In 2018, one-half of the Nobel Prize was awarded to Arthur Ashkin, the physicist who developed optical tweezers, the use of a tightly focused laser beam to isolate and move micron-scale objects (the size of red blood cells). Now Justus Ndukaife, assistant professor of electrical engineering at Vanderbilt University, has developed the first-ever opto-thermo-electrohydrodynamic tweezers, optical nanotweezers...

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