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VINSE recognizes faculty accomplishments in annual fall faculty celebration

Posted by on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 in News.

Join in welcoming new members of our community, recognizing the accomplishments of our community, and celebrating faculty promotions.

Michael J. Valenti & Christina L. McGahan

We celebrate the recent promotions of the following faculty:

Endowed Chairs
Craig L. Duvall – named Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair
Joshua D. Caldwell – named Flowers Family Chancellor Faculty Fellow in Engineering

Promotion & Tenure
Florence Sanchez – promoted to Professor
Leon M. Bellan – promoted to Associate Professor with tenure
Shihong Lin – promoted to Associate Professor with tenure
Janet E. Macdonald – promoted to Associate Professor with tenure
John T. Wilson – promoted to Associate Professor with tenure


This year VINSE recognizes our superusers: Chuchuan Hong, Elena Kovalik, Alberto Linares, Fabian Ugwu, and Hanyu Zheng. Superusers are students who have been identified as the most expert users of our core set of tools. Under VINSE’s new tool training program these superusers been volunteering their time to assist in training of new users on our most heavily used tools. These 5 students, however, have gone far beyond this role during the summer months while we were short staffed. During this time they have been an integral part in helping to maintain our tools, advising new users on processes, and assisting in fabrication while we bring new staff members into the facility. These users highlight the fact that VINSE isn’t just a facility, but a collaborative community that is enabled by our fantastic students.

We recognize the following faculty for their accomplishments reports in the these top five high impact journal publications.

Jason Valentine
“Dynamic transmission control based on all-dielectric Huygens metasurfaces” A Howes, W Wang, I Kravchenko, J Valentine, OPTICA, 5 (7), 787-792 (2018).

Richard Haglund, Jr & Josh Caldwell
“Reconfigurable infrared hyperbolic metasurfaces using phase change materials” TG Folland, A Fali, ST White, JR Matson, S Liu, NA Aghamiri, JH Edgar, RF Haglund, Jr. Y Abate, JD Caldwell, Nature Communications, 9 (2018).

James R. McBride
“Two-Dimensional Morphology Enhances Light-Driven H-2 Generation Efficiency in CdS Nanoplatelet-Pt Heterostructures” Q Li, F Zhao, C Qu, Q Shang, Z Xu, L Yu, JR McBride; T Lian, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140 (37), 11726-11734 (2018).

Yaqiong Xu
“High-Performance WSe2 Phototransistors with 2D/2D Ohmic Contacts” T Wang, K Andrews, A Bowman, T Hong, M Koehler, J Yan, D Mandrus, Z Zhou, YQ Xu, Nano Letters, 18 (5), 2766-2771 (2018).

Shihong Lin
“Intrinsic tradeoff between kinetic and energetic efficiencies in membrane capacitive deionization” L Wang, S Lin, Water Research, 129, 394-401 (2018).

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