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‘Alberto Esteban Linares’

“Graphene-based microfluidic perforated microelectrode arrays for retinal electrophysiological studies” published in Lab on a Chip, selected as VINSE Spotlight Publication

May. 6, 2024—Alberto Esteban Linares received his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Vanderbilt University in 2023, under the supervision of Prof. Deyu Li, with a focus on creating microfluidic devices for retina electrophysiology studies. Currently, he is a post-doctoral scholar in the Biomedical Microsystems Laboratory, University of Southern California, where he develops flexible implantable microelectrodes for...

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Dissertation Defense: Alberto Esteban Linares, Mechanical Engineering

Feb. 13, 2023—DISSERTATION DEFENSE Alberto Esteban Linares, Mechanical Engineering *under the direction of Dr. Deyu Li “Microfluidic Platforms for Retina Electrophysiology Studies” 03.01.23  |  11:00am CST  |  RHL (Light Hall) 512 Microfluidic platforms for ex vivo tissue culture studies are crucial for better understanding tissue physiologies and pathologies as they allow for precise control of cell microenvironment alike in...

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“Dynamic Observation of Retinal Response to Pressure Elevation in a Microfluidic Chamber” published in Analytical Chemistry, selected as a VINSE spotlight publication

Oct. 20, 2022—About the author: Alberto Esteban Linares is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering advised by Dr. Deyu Li. Alberto’s research focuses on developing novel microfluidic platforms with probing and sensing capabilities to study the behavior of certain neurons in ex vivo retinal tissue. Alberto’s recent publication presents a microfluidic platform capable of generating and...

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Researcher Highlights: Alberto Esteban Linares and Simon Ward

Aug. 26, 2022—Alberto Esteban Linares, PhD candidate of Mechanical Engineering in the Li lab Microfluidic platforms can play a transformative role in ex vivo tissue culture and physiological and pathological studies as they allow for precise control of cell microenvironment alike in vitro models, while  the cellular matrix architecture similar to in vivo settings. Various microfluidic platforms...

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VINSE recognizes faculty accomplishments in annual fall faculty celebration

Sep. 15, 2021—Join in welcoming new members of our community, recognizing the accomplishments of our community, and celebrating faculty promotions. WELCOME Michael J. Valenti & Christina L. McGahan FACULTY PROMOTIONS We celebrate the recent promotions of the following faculty: Endowed Chairs Craig L. Duvall – named Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair Joshua D. Caldwell – named Flowers Family Chancellor...

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