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2022 Summer Nanoseminar Schedule

Posted by on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 in Events, News.


The VINSE summer nanoseminar series provides an opportunity for graduate students or post-docs to share their current research with the larger VINSE community to foster discussion and collaboration.  Each seminar will consist of 2 talks of 15-20 minutes each with 10-15 minutes of questions.  The goal of these talks is to discuss and challenge the work being presented in order to promote a healthy debate. Seminars will be held in 134 Featheringill Hall from 12:00-1:00

The 2022 Summer Nanoseminar Committee is:
– Katja Diaz-Granados, Interdisciplinary Materials Science, Caldwell Group
– William Lowery, Chemistry, Cliffel Group
– Tian Zhu, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Rafat Group

June 3, 2022
David Curie – Haglund Group
“Correlated nanoscale imaging of strained hBN spin defects”

Kayla Hess – Buchanan Group
“Investigating the impact of gold nanoparticles on amylin aggregation via 2D IR spectroscopy”

June 10, 2022
Ruben Torres – Rosenthal Group
“Quantum Dot-Based Single-Molecule Tracking of the Human Dopamine Transporter”
Shrusti Patel – Duvall Group
“Expanding the Therapeutic Index of siRNA Nanoparticles Toward Rictor/mTORC2 Treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer”

June 17, 2022
Katja Diaz-Granados – Caldwell Group
“Influence of Crystallographic Orientation on the Asymmetric Emission of Calcite
Nicole Moehring – Kidambi Group
“Kinetic control of intrinsic pores in monolayer graphene for large-area proton selective membranes”

June 24, 2022
Behrouz Behdani – Silvera Batista Group
“Investigation of the Propulsion of Metallodielectric Janus particles in AC Electric Fields “
Chloe Frame – McCabe Group
“Insights Into The Organization and Structure of Skin Lipids From Multiscale Molecular Simulations”

July 1, 2022
VINSE LinkedIn Workshop | Virtual | Registration Required
Are you LinkedIn or LinkedOut? Join Dr. Rui Wang for tips and strategies that will help make your LinkedIn profile stand out!

July 8, 2022
Joshua Livingston – Lin/Jennings Groups
“CNT-Polyamide Nanofiltration Membranes”
Tao Hong – Valentine/Li Groups
“Cell Classification by Integrated System between Microfluidics and Metasurfaces Based on Machine Learning”

July 15, 2022
Ruoyu Wang – Lin Group
“Solute-solute selectivity in membrane separation: definition, measurement, and process scale evaluation”
KP Arnold – Weiss Group
“Integrated Photonics for Datacom and Space Applications”

July 22, 2022
Marc Nabhan – Jennings Group
“Spin Coating Photoactive Photosystem I-PEDOT:PSS Composite Films”
Alberto Esteban Linares – Li Group
“Microfluidic MicroElectrode Array (MEA) Platform for Local Chemical Stimulation of Retina Tissue”

July 29, 2022
Jeremy Espano – Macdonald Group
“There Truly is Plenty of Room at the Bottom: A Look into Metal Sulfide Nanocrystalline Synthesis”
Lucinda Pastora – Wilson Group
“Nanoparticle Delivery of Small Molecule Inhibitors to Treat STING-associated Inflammatory Diseases”

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