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‘Katja Diaz-Granados’

Welcome the inaugural group of VINSE NanoGuides

Oct. 30, 2023—Meet our inaugural group of VINSE NanoGuides! These students will lead many of VINSE’s STEM outreach activities, including the VINSE high school field trip program, which offers hands-on learning designed to inspire K-12 kids to pursue careers in engineering and science. Theodore Anyika, Electrical and Computer Engineering Chris Boyd, Mechanical Engineering Jeb Buchner, Interdisciplinary Materials...

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VINSE NanoDay! Jacket Drawing Winners

Nov. 7, 2022—Congratulations to the winners of the NanoDay! jacket drawing! This is the third year that registered attendees had the opportunity to win a VINSE jacket, and it has quickly become a highly anticipated part of the event. Check out the winners below! Katja Diaz-Granados Madeleine Fort Chloe Frame Matthew Galazzo Blaise Kimmel Paul Laibinis Weifan...

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2022 Summer Nanoseminar Schedule

May. 18, 2022—The VINSE summer nanoseminar series provides an opportunity for graduate students or post-docs to share their current research with the larger VINSE community to foster discussion and collaboration.  Each seminar will consist of 2 talks of 15-20 minutes each with 10-15 minutes of questions.  The goal of these talks is to discuss and challenge the...

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