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Dissertation Defense, Madeleine Fort, Interdisciplinary Materials Science

Posted by on Monday, December 5, 2022 in Events, News.


Madeleine Fort, Interdisciplinary Materials Science
*under the direction of Dr. Janet Macdonald

Improving Charge Separation and Transfer in Semiconducting Nanocrystalline Materials

12.07.22 | 11:30am CST | 5502 Stevenson Center

This thesis examines charge transfer from semiconductor nanocrystals. A discussion of charge transfer mechanisms and their importance to renewable technologies is given. The relationship between charge transfer and the reorganization energy of the charge acceptor is shown. This relationship is further elucidated by studies showing that in the case of three cobalt redox mediators, [Co(en)3]3/2+, [Co(sep)]3/2+, and [Co(ClMeN3S3sar)]3/2+, the most important factor in determining the rate of charge transfer from quantum dots is the reorganization energy of those mediators. Finally, preliminary work on treatments of nanocrystalline iron pyrite FeS2 is introduced.


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