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‘Madeleine Fort’

Dissertation Defense, Madeleine Fort, Interdisciplinary Materials Science

Dec. 5, 2022—DISSERTATION DEFENSE Madeleine Fort, Interdisciplinary Materials Science *under the direction of Dr. Janet Macdonald “Improving Charge Separation and Transfer in Semiconducting Nanocrystalline Materials” 12.07.22 | 11:30am CST | 5502 Stevenson Center This thesis examines charge transfer from semiconductor nanocrystals. A discussion of charge transfer mechanisms and their importance to renewable technologies is given. The relationship between...

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VINSE NanoDay! Jacket Drawing Winners

Nov. 7, 2022—Congratulations to the winners of the NanoDay! jacket drawing! This is the third year that registered attendees had the opportunity to win a VINSE jacket, and it has quickly become a highly anticipated part of the event. Check out the winners below! Katja Diaz-Granados Madeleine Fort Chloe Frame Matthew Galazzo Blaise Kimmel Paul Laibinis Weifan...

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Madeleine Fort wins VINSE’s 2022 Best Graduate Student Publication Award

Nov. 7, 2022—Congratulations to Madeleine Fort recipient of the 2022 VINSE Best Graduate Student Publication award. In addition to a cash prize, Madeleine was selected to give the graduate student presentation at the 22nd annual Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Forum. Madeleine’s publication has provided a whole new knob to turn in how we design and improve solar energy capture technologies. Other...

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“Minimizing the Reorganization Energy of Cobalt Redox Mediators Maximizes Charge Transfer Rates from Quantum Dots” selected as VINSE Spotlight Publication

Jun. 8, 2022—About the author: Madeleine Fort is working on her PhD in Interdisciplinary Materials Science under the guidance of Dr. Janet Macdonald. In this recently published article, she, and Sophia Click from Dr. Sandra Rosenthal’s lab, observed the effect of the reorganization energy of a charge acceptor on electron transfer rates from cadmium-based quantum dots. This...

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