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‘Nicole Moehring’

Vanderbilt engineers’ Science paper reviews scope of atomically thin membranes for subatomic separations

Dec. 1, 2021—A paper by Vanderbilt engineers that explores the scope to scale up the sizes of atomically thin membranes and their potential use in applications relating to energy, microscopy, and electronics is published in the journal Science. Authors Piran R. Kidambi, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, Pavan Chaturvedi, postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Chemical and...

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IMS students Nicole Moehring & Kellen Arnold receive Best Student Presentation at ORNL

Aug. 3, 2021—Nicole Moehring and Kellen Arnold received “Best Student Presentation” award at the virtual poster session for the 2021 Joint Nanoscience and Neutron Scattering User Meeting at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In addition to a cash prize both Nicole and Kellen have been invited to present their work at the meeting on August 10th. The User...

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Spotlight Podcast Episode 23: Nicole Moehring – crystal structure, how we characterize it and its impact on the physical properties of a material

Oct. 6, 2020—Episode 23 of the VINSE Spotlight Podcast Nicole Moehring tells Alice Leach about crystal structure, how we characterize it and its impact on the physical properties of a material. Nicole’s paper “In situ observations of thermally induced phase transformations in iron sulfide nanoparticles” was published in Materials Today Advances. Nicole is a 3rd student Ph.D....

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Engineers develop better graphene sieve that could advance clean water efforts

Sep. 23, 2020—Developing atomically thin graphene membranes used to separate salt from water is extraordinarily complex and the effort grows more crucial as population growth, industrialization and climate change strain freshwater resources. Vanderbilt engineers have designed a simple defect-sealing technique to correct variations in pore size in graphene membranes. Vanderbilt engineering researchers report a breakthrough in scalable...

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