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Complete List of Publications at PubMed:

Selected Publications: 

  1. Sainburg LE, Janson AP, Johnson GW, Jiang JW, Rogers BP, Chang C, Englot DJ, Morgan VL.
    Structural disconnection relates to functional changes after temporal lobe epilepsy surgery. Brain
    2023,146(9):3913-3922. PMCID:10473561
  2. Diachek E, Morgan VL, Wilson SM. Adaptive language mapping paradigms for presurgical language
    mapping. American Journal of Neuroradiology 2022; 43(10):1453-1459. PMCID:PMC9575518
  3. Morgan VL. Sainburg LE, Johnson GW, Janson AP, Levine KK, Rogers BP, Chang C, Englot DJ.
    Presurgical temporal lobe epilepsy connectome fingerprint for seizure outcome prediction. Brain
    Communications 2022;4(3):fcac128. PMCID:PMC9237708
  4. Sainburg LE, Little AA, Johnson GW, Janson A, Levine KK, González HFJ, Rogers BP, Chang C,
    Englot DJ, Morgan VL. Characterization of resting functional MRI activity alterations across epileptic
    foci and networks. Cerebral Cortex 2022;32(24):5555-5568. PMCID:9753043.
  5. Whitten PA, Jacobs ML, Englot DJ, Rogers BP, Levine KK, González HFJ, Morgan VL. Resting-state
    hippocampal networks related to language processing reveal unique patterns in temporal lobe
    epilepsy. Epilepsy & Behavior 2021;117:107834. PMCID:PMC8035309