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VPN service outage to occur on Jan. 24

Posted by on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 in Outage.

On Jan. 24 from midnight to 1 a.m., the Vanderbilt IT (VUIT) Network Design and Engineering team will implement a change that will affect the majority of Vanderbilt network traffic. No action will be required by end users. Please expect up to five minutes of service outage to all internet-destined, inter-VRF-destined and site-to-site VPN-destined traffic. The impact will occur during the first five minutes of the change window from midnight to 12:05 a.m.

As part of the ongoing Next Generation Network project, approved change COO47557 will reroute all internet-destined traffic through the control point (NGN firewall), including site-to-site VPNs and inter-VRF-destined enterprise traffic. This is the default VRF that all remaining traffic will route through. Currently, only the Student VRF (wired dorms) and the Facilities VRF (video control) use this control point. Following this change, all traffic will default to the same VRF, and all will use the same control point.

VRF = A virtual routing table on the router. This VRF allows isolation between routing tables and is the mechanism Vanderbilt uses for group security zones. This change will move all traffic not previously moved into a VRF behind the VRF infrastructure.