Current Projects

Dissimilar Material Welds With Nitinol
Friction Stir Welded Small Diameter Stainless Steel Hemispheres
Development Of Shelf-Stable Thermite Impregnated Thermoplastics
FSW Techniques Joining Al Alloys and Wood

Past Projects

Joining Techniques For Nitinol
FrictionStirExtrusion7075 Friction Stir Extrusion of AA 7075
FSW Carbon Fiber Friction Stir Welding of Polymers & Polymer Composites
Friction Stir Extrusion on Butted Curved Surfaces
Simulating FSW in a Lunar Environment
Additive Manufacturing of Thermite Heat Source
DissimilarThumbNail Joining of Dissimilar Materials
(Evans, Jarrell)
MeteoriteThumbNail Friction Stir Welding of Meteorite
SelectiveLaserSintering Friction Stir Welding of Additively Manufactured Materials
CFDMsm Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling of Friction Stir Welding
(Lammlein, Cox)
uwsm Immersed friction stir welding
Effects of water submersion on process forces and weld strength
TTTsm Through-the-tool tracking for friction stir welding
Lateral misalignment detection in FSW
(Flemming, Lammlein)
mmcsm Parameretizing the friction stir welding of aluminum metal matrix composites
A study of tool wear
heatsm Friction stir welding with heating
Effects on process forces and weld strength
 MSGpic Friction Stir Welding Applications for Military Vehicles
An undergraduate senior design project
(Lukenheimer, Teruya, Pearson, Segale, Vollmer, Cox)

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