Mentor Program

VU-WiSE Tiered Mentorship Program in Partnership with CIRTL

Our first tiered mentorship program for women graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and staff in STEM will kick off this semester! We will be working together with CIRTL to bring this program to those in the STEM field on campus.

Each small group will include a minimum of a graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, and faculty member in the STEM-related fields. Meeting monthly, we hope this small group setting can be a great experience and method of support for all levels. For those participating there will also be peer mentoring events made available monthly.


Our sign-ups have closed and we are currently working on creating groups. If you signed up through VU-WiSE or VU-CIRTL, you should be receiving your group assignment before the end of September! We apologize for the delay as we were working on getting the ratios of positions (faculty to student) suitable to accommodate everyone.