Dantologies: Theoretical and Theological Turns in Dante Studies book cover

“The book is certainly on the leading edge when it considers the purpose and relevance of the humanities in our time – a very “cutting-edge” question for humanities scholars.  In terms of Dante studies specifically, the book provides original insights into the Paradiso, perhaps the least studied of the Commedia’s three canticles. The scholarship is first-rate.  Franke, as a major Dante scholar, is steeped in all the research and publications on Dante.  He has an easy familiarity with most of what has been written about Dante, going back even throughout the twentieth century.”

Glenn A. Steinberg, Professor, The College of New Jersy, USA

“I found this book to be thought-provoking, and at several points mind-changing. an original perspective, and certainly on the “leading edge” of its field. Franke writes with pellucid clarity; even when he is handling complex issues in literary theory and theology, his argument is easy to follow.“

– John Fyler, Professor, Tufts University, USA

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