Dissertations Directed

PhD. dissertations directed

Peter Kline (Theology): “Passion for Nothing: Kierkegaard’s Apophatic Theology”  (2016)

David Dark (Religious Studies): “Insert Soul Here:  The Witness of Sacramental Poetics as Apocalyptic for the People” (2011)

Yong Chen (Religious Studies): “On the Rhetoric of Defining Confucianism as a ‘Religion’: A Hermeneutic Reading of the Controversy on Confucian Religiosity and its Significance to the Understanding of Chinese Tradition and Modernity” (2005)

Donald Holman (Comparative Literature): “The Death of Dionysos: Formative Experience and Human Autonomy in Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre (2004)

Heather Garrett (French): “Nothing to Say. Disclosures of Silence in 20th Century French Narrative” (2004)

Robert Scott Hubbard (Comparative Literature): “Original Sins: Philosophical Appropriations of Agency and Meaning in the Greek Tragedians” (2002)

In Progress

Xiaolun Qi (Comparative Literature)

Ph.D. dissertation committees


Jacob Abell (French): “Medieval and Postmodern Virtual Realities: Embodiment, Disembodiment, and the Ends of Experience from Marie de France to Dante to Char Davis”

Jason Smith (Divinity): EUCHARIST AS THE GIFT OF POLITICAL LANGUAGE (2018)  online version

Lauren White (Divinity): “Word Made Flesh, Flesh Made Word: Beyond the Protestant Interpretation Problem” (2017)  online version

Belkis Barrios (Spanish): “Literatura y cine hispánicos del siglo XXI: La diáspora y el desengaño en el Bildungsroman del nuevo milenio” [“Hispanic Literature and Film of the Twenty-First Century: Diaspora and Disillusion in the latest versions of the Bildungsroman“] (2017)

Chance Woods (English): “The Elusive Corpus: Reading the Catholic Mystical Body in Seventeenth-Century England” (2017)

Aurora Romero (German): “Heute hat ein Gedicht mich wieder erschaffen: Origins of Poetic Identity in Rose Ausländer” (2016)

Menghun Goh (Religious Studies):  “The Middle Voice of Love in 1 Corinthians:  Reading Singularity and Plurality from Different Cultures” (2014)

Guan Bei Bei (European Studies, University of Hong Kong): “The Dandy and The Historical Ragpicker: A Study of Contrary Responses to Modernity of Charles Baudelaire and Walter Benjamin”  (2014)

Alexandra Campana (German): “Violent Black Oceans: Literary Border Crossings in a Global Age, 1990-2005” (2014)

David Dault (Divinity):  “The Covert Magisterium:  Theology, Textuality and the Question of Scripture” (2008)

Claudia Schlee (German):  “Poetry as Compass: Chaos, Complexity and the Creative Voice” (2007)

Rachel Bauer (Spanish):  “Madness and Laughter: Cervantes’s Comic Vision in Don Quixote” (2007)

James Burt Fulmer (Religious Studies): “Identities Bought and Sold, Identity Received as Grace: A Theological Criticism of and Alternative to Consumerist Understanding of the Self” (2006)

Brian McGinnis (German): “Reading the Moral Code: Theories of Mind and Body in Eighteenth-Century Germany” (2006)

Joshua Braley (Religious Studies): “Bringing God to Mind: Christian Theology in Light of the Critical Study of Religion” (2006)

Justine Van Meter (Comparative Literature): “Writing the Dying and the Dead: Irishness, Jewishness and Gender” (2006)

André Sousan (Divinity): “The Woman in the Garden of Eden: A Rhetorical-Critical Study of Genesis 2:4b-3:24 (2006)

Azucena Garcia-Marcos (Facultad de Psicologia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid): “Una Approximacion psychoanalytica a la obra de Francisco de Goya” (2006)

Shirin Edwin (French): “Négocier pour survivre: La représentation de l’islam dans les productions romanesques francophones de l’Afrique de l”Ouest (1950-2002)” (2005)

Apel Ygrek (Philosophy): “Virile Expenditure: A Study of Bataille’s Transgressive Erotics” (2004)

Kathleen Costales (Spanish): “No Hay Cosa Como Callar: Una Edicíon Critica” (2004)

Deborah Barnard (French): “Marginality and Mixed Marriages in the Works of Albert Memmi” (2003)

R. Philip O’Hara (Divinity): “Economics of the Basileia Tou Theou in Mark” (2002)

Cécile Guillard (French): “Baudelaire malgré tout: La présence de Baudelaire dans l’oeuvre de Ives Bonnefoy” (2002)

Terresa Stricklen (Divinity): “Preaching and Theology in Light of Theological Education: The Early History of a Troubled Marriage or What Went Wrong How” (2001)

Brett Davis (Philosophy): “On the Way to Gelassenheit: The Problem of the Will and the Possibility of Non-Willing in Heidegger’s Thought” (2001)

Ken Himmelman (Comparative Literature): “‘Beyond the Compass of Time’: The Fragmented Universe and the Rise of Modern Science Fiction, 1600-1740” (1998)

Darren Hutchinson (Philosophy): “A Song of Solipsism: Wittgenstein and the End of the World” (1996)

Greg Carey (Religious Studies): “Elusive Apocalypse: Reading Authority in the Revelation of John” (1996)

Gian Balsamo (Comparative Literature): “Legitimate Filiation and Gender Segragation: Law and Fiction in Texts by Derrida, Hegel, Joyce, Pirandello and Vico” (1994)

In progress

Jason Smith (Divinity): “Eucharist as the Gift of Political Language”

Susan Safford (Religious Studies): “Intersections of Time: Readings of Simultaneity in the Book of Judges”

Andrea Eder (German)

Shaun Haskins (Comparative Literature)

Maya Smith (Comparative Literature)

MA theses directed (or co-directed)

Chase Toensing (Divinity): “Historical Intersections of Imago Dei and Human Images of God, and the Exclusion of the Other” (2018)

Hunter Bragg (Divinity): “Kierkegaard, Indirect Communication and Performativity” (2017)

Jenny Kar Kei Wong (M.Phil.Thesis, The University of Hong Kong): “The Challenge of Modernityand Italo Calvino’s Literary Responses: An Examination of the Relationship between Humanity and the World, and Literature a Reconciling Force” (2013)

Katharin Loevy (Graduate Department of Religion):  “The Poetics of Embodiment in Islamic Medieval Philosophy” (2012)

Lauren Smelser (Divinity):  “Christian Hermeneutics in the ‘Now’ and the ‘Not Yet’ of God’s Logos: Embodying Christ through Kenosis in Comparative Theological Readership” (2010)

Andrea Thornton (Religious Studies):  “Job and Philosophy” (2010)

Zachery Gershom (Divnity):  “Orthodox Akatathan Liturgy and Apophasis” (2010)

Eric Froom (Philosophy):  “Kierkegaard, Wittgenstein, and Philosophical Doubt” (2007)

Burt Fulmer (Interdisciplinary Studies): “Rene Girard and the Exorcism of the Possessed Consumer”  (2006)

Natalia Mikailovitch (Comparative Literature): “Transforming the Language: Translation as Exile and Hermeneutic Dialogue” (2005)

Robert Nasatir (Comparative Literature): “Burning Shadow: The Poetic Image of Federico García Lorca in English-Language Poetry” (2000)

Laura Matter Fukeshima (Comparative Literature): “Reproducing Catullus: Translation and the Polymetrics” (2001)

Matt Burleson (Comparative Literature): “Traces of Heidegger in Crista Wolf’s Cassandra” (2000)

Michel Le Grand (Comparative Literature): “Modernist Poetics of Paul Valery, Pedro Salinas” (1995)

Senior Honors theses

Josiah Trandahl (Religious Studies): “Calvin Meets Postmodernity”


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