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What is FiJi?

FIJI/ImageJ is a free, open-source image processing application that has been continuously developed for over 20 years and is widely adopted worldwide. ImageJ features thousands of plugins that aid in image processing and analysis. As a result, the ImageJ ecosystem provides users the ability to i) open and annotate multi-dimensional images, ii) segment, track particles and register their datasets, iii) develop custom scripts to automate repetitive analysis tasks, and iv) implement AI libraries (e.g., supervised machine learning or deep learning) to perform advanced denoising, object detection, and classification.

List of all plugins:

Charges: $6.50 per hour
Note: To use the analysis software you must have an active iLab account. Reservations are made through our on-line iLab calendar. Contact Tegy, or Oleg to arrange training.


  • LH 704
  • MCN T-2216
  • Remote access available upon request