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Nikon Elements

What is Nikon Elements?

NIS-Elements is a fully featured multi-dimensional image visualization and analysis software package from Nikon. NIS-Elements General Analysis (GA3) option enables easy customization of complex tasks and statistical workflows, such as 3D object detection and 4D tracking, by simply dragging and dropping analysis templates. Built-in AI modules employ deep learning to automatically carry out advanced processes, such as distinguishing samples from noise and extracting cells from unstained specimens.

Available features:

  • General processing: image annotation, image filters, morphology and arithmetic operations, volume rendering, snapshot and animation creation;
  • Advanced processing: 2D/3D large image stitching, deconvolution (2D/3D), extended depth of focus (EDF) function, minimum/maximum intensity projections, macro creation;
  • General analysis: conventional segmentation, time and volume measurements, ROI (region of interest) tools and statistics, kymograph function, 2D/3D object tracking, colocalization quantification;
  • module:
    • can be used to train a neural network to predict what the second channel would look like when only the first channel is acquired;
    • can be used to train a neural network to restore detail in low signal fluorescent samples for further analysis;
    • can be used to train a neural network to segment structures of interest in images that are nearly impossible to be segmented by traditional intensity thresholding;
    • is a pre-trained tool that can be applied to confocal images to remove Poisson-distributed shot noise;
    • is a pre-trained module to remove out-of-focus blur from fluorescence images.
  • GA3 analysis pipeline: a drag-and-drop tool to combine multiple conventional segmentation and AI tools for automated measurements.

Charges: $6.50 per hour
Note: To use the analysis software you must have an active iLab account. Reservations are made through our on-line iLab calendar. Contact Oleg , Tegy or to arrange training.


  • MCN T-2216 and 4155 MRB3
  • Remote access available upon request