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What is Imaris?

Imaris is a powerful multi-dimensional image processing and analysis software package. Imaris is ideal for 3D/4D image rendering, object segmentation through four detection models (Spots, Surfaces, Cells, and Filaments), machine learning object classification, particle and cell movement tracking, and colocalization quantification.

Available features:

  • Imaris Core: render 3D/4D images, detect objects, export statistics (e.g., count, area, volume, intensity, object-object distances and spatial overlap), create snapshots and animations;
  • Imaris Coloc: visualize and quantify colocalized regions (pixel-based colocalization);
  • Imaris Vantage: generate 1D-4D plots of detected objects and associated measurements, perform statistical tests;
  • Imaris Tracking: track motion of detected objects in 2D/3D;
  • Imaris Filament Tracer: AI-powered detection of filamentous structures, such as neuronal axons, blood vessels, and dendritic spines;
  • Imaris XT: customize analysis with MATLAB, Python, and Java scripts (extensions);
  • Imaris Image Processing: enhance multi-dimensional images using common processing functions, such as Gaussian filter, background subtraction, gamma correction, and histogram equalization;
  • Imaris Batch: create image processing and object detection pipelines for batch analysis.
  • Imaris Stitcher: is a stand-alone Imaris application made for precise alignment and fusing (stitching) of multiple microscopy image tiles into one 2D, 3D or 4D volume.

Charges: $6.50 per hour
Note: To use the analysis software you must have an active iLab account. Reservations are made through our on-line iLab calendar. Contact Tegy, or Oleg to arrange training.


  • LH 704
  • Remote access available upon request