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Nikon Multi Excitation TIRF

Why Use This Microscope?
The Nikon Multi-Excitation TIRF is a state of the art microscope with wide ranging functionality for TIRF, widefield, and very fast live cell imaging. Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy is a way to specifically view fluorescence near the cell surface or the surface of a coverslip by using evanescent waves. These waves result in high signal but only within approximately 200 nanometers of the coverslip surface. Thus, signal to noise in this range is very high. TIRF is ideal for events near the cell surface.
In addition to routine wide-field imaging, it is a dual-TIRF system that allows for high speed dual-color TIRF. This microscope is well suited for widefield or TIRF imaging of live cell/tissue preparations, viewing samples in culture dishes, culture plates (6 wells and greater), chamber slides that can be inverted and a variety of custom made (by user) chambers no larger than a standard culture plate. The live tissue chamber with atmosphere heater, stage heater, humidity and CO2 control permit long-term time-lapse imaging for a wide variety of applications. This microscope is also suitable for fixed cell/tissue imaging, using culture dishes or slides. Imaging through plastic dishes is limited to 10x and 20x lens. Higher magnification must be through coverslips on slides or MatTek-type culture dishes. All slides must be sealed, clean and dry prior to placing on the stage.


  • Andor Zyla 4.2 Plus sCMOS monochrome camera

Imaging Modes:

  • Conventional fluorescence microscopy
  • Multi-position (x/y)
  • Tile scans
  • High-speed time-lapse
  • High speed single and dual channel TIRF

Excitation Specs

  • TIRF Diode Laser Lines: 
    • 405 nm, 23mW (DAPI)
    • 488 nm, 65mW (FITC. GFP)
    • 561 nm, 85mW (TRITC, Cy3, mCherry)
    • 647 nm, 150mW (far red, Cy5)
  • Lumencor SpectraX LED light engine
    • 405 nm (DAPI)
    • 440 nm (CFP)
    • 470 nm (FITC, GFP)
    • 508 nm (YFP)
    • 555 nm (TRITC, Cy3, mCherry)
    • 640 nm (far red, Cy5)

Emission Specs:

  • Emission filters:
    • 435 nm (+/- 13nm)
    • 525 nm (+/- 25nm)
    • 540 nm (+/- 11nm)
    • 603 nm (+/- 15nm)
    • 655 nm (+/- 15nm)
    • 700 nm (+/- 37nm)

Objective Lenses:

  • Plan Apo VC 20x DIC N2 0.8 NA WD 1mm
  • Apo TIRF 60x Oil DIC N2 1.5 NA WD 120um

Charges: $33.75 per hour
Note: To use the microscope you must have an active iLab account. Contact Kari to arrange training.


  • BB-1116 MCN

Download / View Quickstart Guide.