Mark Hosford: São Paulo Visit

São Paulo
August 12-17, 2013

In August, Mark Hosford made his first visit to São Paulo, where he was hosted by Ana Maria Tavares, Mario Ramiro and Martin Grossmann. While there he visited solo exhibitions by Ana Maria and Mario as well as many other galleries and museums across the city. One exhibition of note was the 2013 Photo Biennial at the São Paulo Museum of Art. With a full week to explore, he was able to spend his time researching art and culture across the city, taking a particular interest in graffiti, street art, and murals scattered around various neighborhoods. Covered in graffiti, Batman Alley stood out.

Hosford also delivered a public lecture on his art at USP titled “Arte Impressa, Arte Urbana, Arte de Circulação” (Printed Art, Urban Art, Art of Movement). Afterwards, he spent some time discussing graphic arts within an academic setting and was fortunate to have a couple students share underground comics with him. While there, Mario and Mark also further researched and developed their October “Boom Box Bike” project.

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