Boom Box Bikes: Sound Urban Intervention

Poster design created by Mark Hosford Boom Box Bikes

October 21-29, 2013

The project, designed and led by Professors Mario Ramiro and Mark Hosford, focused on transforming bicycles into mobile sound systems that became a moving mixing board as they came together and fanned apart during rides through Vanderbilt campus and throughout the city. The collaborative public performance is a form of artistic expression, called sound urban intervention. At all stages of the project, students from various disciplines, as well as community members, came together to construct the bikes, create and mix sound tracks, and participate in the rides. Professor Mario Ramiro visited Vanderbilt campus from October 20 – 30, 2013, to participate in the collaboration. “Boom Box Bikes” received special support from a Creative Campus Innovation Grant, the Center for Latin American Studies, and the Vice Reitoria Especial de Relações Internacionais (USP).

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Art intervention is a form of artistic expression where the public is confronted with art in everyday environments, rather than having the art contained within a sanctioned art space. This particular intervention will take the form of a bicycle sound performance that will ride through campus and various locations within the city.

During his Nashville visit for “Boom Box Bikes,” Professor Mario Ramiro presented lectures on sound urban intervention. He presented a short history of the various movements, as well as on his recent involvement in the “Boom Box Bikes” project.  His presentations included lectures to senior art majors at the Ingram Studio Arts Center and to graduate students and faculty at the Brazilian Studies Reading Group on Tuesday, October 29th.  He and Professor Mark Hosford also gave small informal “Boom Box Bikes” presentations to multiple classes at the Ingram Studio Arts Center.

Lecture by Mario Ramiro

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