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About Us

The DCH Cluster is conceived as a synergistic clearinghouse of new technologies in cultural heritage research, effectively leveraging smaller programs to establish Vanderbilt’s reputation as an innovative research university for the humanities on the global stage. Over the past seven years, faculty working on text, object, and sensory-based DCH projects have seen the benefit of co-teaching and co-learning in this exciting new area of research. This group has coalesced through workshops at the Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities, the Digital Humanities Center, and the Vanderbilt Libraries.TM2

We have come to realize that 1) there is great excitement for digital cultural heritage work, as evidenced, for example, by the campus-wide turnout at a lecture about historical methods in creating gaming worlds last year; 2) many colleagues have fascinating ideas for research and teaching that they could realize with shared technology and training; 3) DCH can provide ideal immersive experiences for students while at the same time advancing the research agenda for faculty mentors. The DCH cluster will intentionally foster collaboration for faculty working in archeology, art history, Classics, computer science, data sciences, history, literature, music, and performance by providing a formal structure and funding with a specific focus on cultural heritage.