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‘Digital Archives’

“Who Speaks for the Negro?”: Digital Archives, Split Collections, and Hearing the Fight for Civil Rights, an interview with Mona Frederick

Jan. 15, 2019—In 2012 the Jean and Alexander Heard Library and the Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities launched the “Who Speaks for the Negro? Digital Archive,” a collection of audio recordings and transcripts housed at the University of Kentucky and Yale University libraries. I first learned of the “Who Speaks” archive during my pro seminar...

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Aphids and Digital Archives: Thinking Through Digital Preservation with Dionne Brand’s The Blue Clerk 

Oct. 13, 2018—“In the mornings the clerk reads the obituaries. All of these bales may be considered obituaries of a sort but we are talking about the regular obituaries where people actually die. Here on the dock nothing and no one dies. The clerk would like them to die the finite closed death of a real obituary...

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