Brown Bag Lunch Club

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Upcoming Events


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Past Events

Monday, September 17: Navigating academic relationships
Thursday, November 15: How to prepare a syllabus

Tuesday, April 11: Writing for Publication
Thursday, Dec. 1 @ noon: Writing Studio workshop
Thursday, Oct. 20 @ noon: How to Grad School

Wednesday, Oct. 21 @ noon: Job Search
Thursday, Oct. 9 @ 4:00 – The End is Near: Jobs, Fellowships, and a 6th year
Thursday, Oct. 2 @ noon: Travel and Reimbursement BBLC [handout]
Tuesday, Sept. 2 @ noon: Representatives from the IRB will join us for an information session and Q&A.

10/3/13 – Peabody technology resources (w/ special guest Brian Smokler)
10/15/13 – Create your website
1/23/14 – Student handbook revision BBLC w/ Melissa
2/3/14 – New professor (and post doc) BBLC w/ Annie, Erica, Eve, Katie, Min-joung, & Nate, (aka same as 2/24/12)

8/31/12 – Wiki in the university
9/25/12 – How do I write this Thing (aka the dissertation)?
11/1/12 – IRB BBLC
11/15/12 – Departmental supports for doc students (aka LEAF), Dean Craig Anne Hefflinger guest
1/30/13 – Tech Tools (citation software presentation & peer knowledge sharing)
4/3/13 – Job Seeker BBLC

12/9/11 – Marta Kobiela presents Drs. Paul Cobb, Rogers Hall, and Kevin Leander:  “Applying for Jobs and Reading Job Opening Postings”
11/9/11 – Katie Taylor (guest Jen Holt):  “Academic Writing”
10/11/11 – Marta Kobiela (guests Dr. Leona Schauble and Dr. Debbie Rowe):  “CVs and Cover Letters”
2/24/12 – “What’s on the other side?: Leaving Vanderbilt and going to work”
3/14/12 – Professors talk about their writing
4/5/12 – Tech Tools

Wednesday, April 6, 12pm:  Blaine Smith and Dr. Derek Bruff in Rotunda:  “Visual Tools for Presenting Ideas to Students or Colleagues”  [resources]
Thursday, March 3, 12pm in Wyatt 164:  Marta Kobiela:  “Transcription and Video Analysis Software”
Wednesday, February 9, 11:30am in Wyatt 344:  Tanya Flushman and Jasmine Ma: “IRB!”
Thursday, November 4, 12pm in Wyatt 164:  Jasmine Ma:  “Technology Tips”

Wednesday, May 12, 12pm in Wyatt 264:  “CV BBLC”
Thursday, April 8, 1pm in Wyatt 344:  BBLC Q&A edition
Wednesday, October 14, 11:30am at Wyatt 344: Kara Jackson and Amy Cassata-Widera: “What’s this post-doc business all about?”

Thursday, April 9, 11:15am at Wyatt 164:  Julie Justice: “What I know now:  Looking back at grad school as a new faculty member”
Thursday, March 19, 11am at Wyatt 164: Jasmine Ma: “Technology Show and Tell” [Resources] [pdf]
Tuesday, February 10, 12pm at Wyatt 264: Jud Laughter: “Teaching Teachers to be Change Agents”
Tuesday, January 20, 12pm at Wyatt 164:  Tara Alvey and Chris Keyes: “Cases that follow cases for building pedagogical knowledge: Constructing meaning in multimedia case reports”
Thursday, November 6, 12pm at Wyatt 164: Patrick Tiedemann shares his proposal topic, “Literacy as negotiation: Conceptualizing the network of negotiations that comprise 21st century literacy”
Wednesday, September 17, 2008 at 11:30am – 1st and 2nd year project review

Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 10am – Hosted by Dennis Davis
Wednesday, March 12, 2008 – Hosted by Betsy Watson, Tanya Flushman, Brian Rose, and Mikel Cole: “I didn’t know you studied that!”
Thursday, February 28, 2008 – Hosted by Julie Justice and Kerry Hofer: “Understanding the Job Search Process So That You Can Be Doing Now What Will Land You Your Dream Job Several Years From Now ”
Tuesday, February 12, 2008 – Hosted by Chuck Munter: “A Collaborative Interaction Analysis of Video Data”
Friday, February 1, 2008 – Jasmine Ma, Technology Edition [pdf]
Tuesday, November 13, 2007 – Sue Ganguly